19 Oca 2023

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🍷 Tasting without labels

Hello there! This week our eyes are closed, noses and palates are open! We are digging into what blind tasting is and how it is done. When you see a bottle of wine on the shelf, or when a bottle appears in the selection at a tasting, you start to interpret it - without even tasting it! It's like the first look, the first impression. Blind tasting is different; it is a tasting that is unaffected, unlabeled. This week we are tasting unaffected, unlabeled! But every bottle we open may not be faultless. Just as there are no perfect people, there are no perfect wines. In this issue, we will understand what corked wine is and why they send the wine back saying "This wine is corked!" Our glass is very full this week; if you're ready, let's start with the tunes from our Grapest Hits list below that are not corked. Attention! This publication refers to wine and fermented grape juice from alcoholic beverages. For readers under 18, non-fermented grape juice may be more suitable. Cheers🍷 Selin

Aposto Finance·

01 Haz 2023

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A World of Debt

While debt has risen across advanced and developing economies alike, the problem is most acute in low- and middle-income countries where debts were already too high before the COVID-19 pandemic. Worse, offering relief to these societies has become harder than ever. Today, you can read the article "A World of Debt" by Anne O. Krueger, Senior Research Professor of International Economics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and Senior Fellow at the Center for International Development at Stanford University. Enjoy.

Aposto Science·

17 Oca 2023

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Does the cure for cancer lie within mRNA technology?

Hello, In this article, our tech editor İrem Denli discusses the personalised cancer vaccine developed by Merck (MSD) and Moderna with mRNA technology, which was found to be effective in recent experiments. Enjoy your reading, Aposto Editorial Team


01 Kas 2022

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🎃 Halloween watchlist: Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo Del Toro, Selin Geçit

Halloween isn't over yet! We're going to release an issue on Pumpkin Spice Latte nex year, until then, before we watch Halloweentown , we'll find out more on Cool 's singer Selin Geçit. Below is a brief summary of what to expect in this issue, but of course, the new episode of What Made This So Popular Tho? is also on air. Boo, then! 📻 What Made This So Popular Tho?: It's in Turkish but Fanon 's podcast series continues with its fifth episode! Today's episode is about Influencer Marketing. If you came across influencer collaborations and scrolled up the story and bought the recommended product, this one's for you. 🦸‍♀️ Stan: Today's Stan is the Cool singer Selin Geçit . Below is the interview, which can be regarded as a love letter to her songs, the fictional universes she got inspired for her music videos, Wes Anderson, and musicals. During my youth, Disney Channel was at its best—I think—with shows like High School Musical , Camp Rock , and Hannah Montana . All of those shows revolved around a fun, colorful, “spontaneously breaking into song” kind of universes. Of course, in real life, that doesn’t really exist. We’d need a couple hours of rehearsals to create that! However, as a child, I loved the idea of suddenly breaking into a song and I always wishes that my life could be like that. Selin Geçit, Hannah Montana and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) The lineup: 🦸‍♀️ Stan #15: Selin Geçit 🎃 #FanOFF: Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities 🍂 What’s up for next week: Rom-com season xoxo, Alara

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Aposto Tech·

30 May 2023

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AI, Democracy, and the Global Order

Hello, The thematic focus of tech diplomacy implies the need for new strategies of engagement with emerging powers. In this issue, you can find the article "AI, Democracy, and the Global Order" by Provost of IE University and Dean of the IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs Manuel Muñiz and President of the Observer Research Foundation Samir Saran. Enjoy your reading.

Aposto Business·

06 Şub 2023

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Retail: Are the dark clouds dissipating?

Hello, In this issue, we dive into the retail sector, which includes many players from food to ready-to-wear clothing. Retail is leaving behind a long and challenging journey lasting 3 years. Today, retailers are trying to cope with rising costs, labour and changing customer expectations. So, are the dark clouds that have taken a habit of hovering over the sector dissipating in 2023? Enjoy your reading, Aposto Editorial Team


11 Ara 2022

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🔹 Stop by the Spice Bazaar: Pandeli

Where does history live? In the curricula of school books, on library shelves divided into neat sections, on the front page of Nokta magazine hidden among dusty layers in bookshops, on the pages of Ana Britannica collected fascicle by fascicle, on the pages of Meydan Larousse Büyük Lugat, in the recordings of 32. Gün that you come across on YouTube, or in the lines of fairy tales, fables, voices recorded on cassettes, dictaphones? Does the story of a day, of a life, go down in history when written down, or does it pass down from generation to generation, from person to person, through words and sounds? Is it writing or telling that keeps history alive? Is it definite and unchangeable? Can it be bent, twisted, and shaped by reminiscences? Can a history take itself wherever it goes? Is it supposed to remain constant? Can it be broken down into its personal and social components? Is it part of the whole that is brought together by invisible threads? Is one obliged to remember history or forget it, to evolve into the future? When we consider that the period that is part of the past while we are still alive is one of the layers of history, maybe we can say that the present, which is the first stage of the future, cannot exist without the past. History lives in the totality of words written on the painted wall, in the notes on the back of photographs pasted in albums, in letters without envelopes, in VHS tapes, sometimes in the smell of dampness, sometimes in the smell of lentil soup mixed with soap, in the first three notes of a song, in the voice you hear in your mind but cannot pronounce, in the discussions that intermingle as you switch from channel to channel on television. Pandeli Today, we are in the place known in the history as the place at the end of the stairs from the Spice Bazaar for some, as the restaurant with a Michelin Star for others, as the warmth of the oven for some others, and as the corner where Mr Pandeli pulls out his chair for many more. In Rüstem Paşa, on a journey of the history of Istanbul. Follow us, Hazal

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Zappa Times·

02 Eyl 2022

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State or barbarism?

Welcome to the new issue of Zappa Times. Enjoy your reading, Zafer Yenal


01 Kas 2022

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🎃 Cozy and spooky: the comic book Mercury, illustrator İdil Keyşan

Hello there old friend, Halloween is not over yet! 🎃 A comic book worthy of Halloween: Spookiness meets coziness, and thus Deniz Braderin, whom you know from SNIKT , writes a humble love letter to Mercury . 🖍 Scavenger Hunt: The sixth guest of the channel in which we go back to our childhood, is the illustrator İdil Keyşan, whom we know as @aahsocute . Since it is impossible not to fall in love with her GIPHY works, it's lovely to travel back in time with her: It's a good idea to be Princess Bubblegum and live in the Candy Kingdom. You can go to the Ice Kingdom and feed off the chaos when you get bored, too. 👻 Somewhere else to meet: You can follow Piccolo 's Instagram account by clicking here . 🗝 Illustration: İdil Keyşan 🎃 Design: Alara Demirel Map of the issue: 🎃 Comic book recommendation from Deniz Braderin for those who want to warm up a little inside on Halloween: Mercury 🖍 Scavenger Hunt #6: Illustrator İdil Keyşan 🧌 What's up for next week?: Tolkien's universe of nature with WWF-Türkiye From the Second Star to the Right, Alara

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06 Kas 2022

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Weekly insights: future concept in Turkey

Hello everyone, In this issue, İlkim shares her notes from the panel organized by Istanbul Economics Research in order to share the results of a youth study. She comments on the worrisome results on the youth’s perception of politics. Moreover, we compiled a survey about the headscarf issue and a summarized a report which demonstrates the extent of the forest fire disasters in Turkey. Hope to see you next week, Bartu Özden


18 Tem 2022

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🎬 Discovery Cinema #1.5: Nisan Dağ

Hello from one of those days where I change my route for the autumn view. The quote “ Lack of memory is a bad wound of mine ” is on my mind. Did you make peace with whatever you couldn’t remember? How am I doing with what I chose to forget? All I know is, the more I add to my memory and my life, the more I make a story of it – I wonder, how is it for you? Welcome to Discovery Cinema in between two Discovery Stages. See you on Friday in our Discovery issue. The Pin Cushion Queen, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, Tim Burton What’s in this issue? 🎥 Foyer: A meeting filled with treasure hunts with Nisan in the streets of Moda 🎬 Discovery Cinema : Meet Nisan on a journey from movie magic to cinematic encounters 🍿 Lunchbox: Jan Švankmajer cinema, Elia Kazan, a website, and more 🎞 Two great films at once: It Felt Like Love and Girl Bizi takip etmenin diğer yolları: Instagram: @duendenewsletter Twitter: @duende_______ To love and loyalty, Taner


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