Pazartesi, 5 Aralık 2022
Pazartesi, Aralık 5, 2022
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🧐 An Istanbulite asks: Why not polygamy?

This week we shape a bond between Istanbulites and Londoners. Follow the rhythm of the cities and create your weekly event map. Stay tuned for more.
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Photo: Deniz Sabuncu

Nowadays, monogamy is the word on my mind. ‘Monogamy’ in any kind of relationship. For instance, we do not expect to have one friend and share everything with them. We have friends to have fun with, to share deep sh*t with, to dance with, to talk to, to travel alongside… Even to have sex with. So, monogamy is not valid for friendships. Yet, in other kinds of relationships, we mostly tend to be committed to someone, something or somewhere. At least for a while. You know, relationships are complicated. Some of us cannot be like like a fish in water. 

Well, this is not a relationship journal. So, today the subject is our relationships to cities. For sure. Generally, maybe because it's easier, we prefer sticking to a city and we make it our home. We make memories, collect people, create routines, become regular at our favourite restaurants there. Also we deal with its traffic problem, discrimination, tax system, munincipality issues, rising rent, and so on. At the end, in an adult relationship, you should say ‘for better or for worse’. However, how many is too many? How many cities can we be polygamous with and overcome all these? When does it become overwhelming instead of inspiring?

Experience is largely non-transferable. However, it’s better than nothing. We started our research by asking people who are polygamist —live in-between cities: Istanbul and London. Two big cities with different rules that you cannot play without knowing them. One is the first love, the other is something else, you name it. Both Londoners and Istanbulites, they all have good reasons for polygamy. They know they should not expect all in one. But still, we need to ask: how and why? 

This week we asked Sinem (Er) who has an expertise valid in every city. She is a yoga instructor, currently living in London, and an Istanbulite at heart. 

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Till then, I’ll be wandering through the in-between,



In the 17th issue:

Hopping (What’s going on in Istanbul: Hand-picked and unmissable events): İnci Eviner’s personal exhibition, Ludovico Einaudi's concert, music festival: Noise Istanbul and much more. 

Water Cooler Talk (Local news that you need to know to survive or just to speak of): 7 new sea lines in Istanbul maritime transport are now in use.

Notice Board (News that you need to notice to live in Istanbul in a better way): SaDe (Artists Support Fund) now accepting applications.

Istanbulite (A talk with a creative inhabitant): Meet Sinem Er, a yoga instructor who lives part-time in Istanbul and in London. If you are looking for places and tactics to get away from the city life, you are in the right place.

What's Cooking (Selected places to eat, drink, cafés, food markets): An alternative food guide for those who are seeking adventures in Balat.


Brand new: Houris and Travelers

What is it? Exhibition. İnci Eviner’s personal exhibition Houris and Travelers, presents the video work Reenactment of Heaven (2018), in which the earthly and the spiritual are superimposed, and new installation Travelers (2022), consisting of ceramic sculptures, which can be experienced by walking around. 

Where? Dirimart

When? Until 27 November

Why should you go? Formerly displayed at the Liverpool Biennial, Reenactment of Heaven is accepting visitors for the first time in Turkey.

Duly noted: In addition, the Dirimart art project is exhibiting Tomokazu Matsuyama's art project in Kabataş as a parallel event to the 17th Istanbul Biennial.

Music of the noise: Noise Istanbul

What is it? Music festival. Noise Istanbul will bring together artists from the intersection of noise, experimental, electronic and avant-garde music from around the world. 

Where? Borusan Music House (Borusan Müzik Evi)

When? 11-12 November

Why should you go? You will listen to the unique music of the creators of alternative 'sounds', and become a direct participant in contemporary sights of music. 

Duly noted: The reasonably priced tickets for the festival are over here.

Musical Spectacle: Istanbul Vortex

What is it? Party. You are invited to the Vortex universe, where Radyo Eksen's well-established DJ Gülşah Güray and her team will project visual stories on a screen, offering an alternative party environment.

Where? Zorlu PSM - %100 Studio 

When? 12 November

Why should you go? When we asked who we would be listening to at this party, we got the answer ‘AC/DC, Metallica, Placebo, Nirvana, Santigold, House of Pain, Moby, Empire of the Sun, Robyn and many more’.

Duly noted: The speed of lights and visuals during the event may be disturbing, so proceed with caution. If you want to know where your ticket is, it's right here.

One last ride: Olivier Tree - Cowboy Tears

What is it? Concert. Olivier Tree, who has become an international star with multiple hit songs, is in Istanbul as part of the tour for his latest album Cowboy Tears.

Where? Das Das

When? 12 November

Why should you go? Pop music prodigy Oliver Tree will open the doors of his eclectic visual and audio world where he deconstructs what is popular in the internet age.

Duly noted: You can go here for the (unfortunately, not so reasonably priced) tickets for the night.

Early Bird

Source: The Times

On a winter evening: Ludovico Einaudi 

What is it? Concert. Ludovico Einaudi, one of the most valuable composers and pianists today, is coming to change the melody of the city as part of the tour for his latest album Underwater.

Where? Zorlu PSM - Turkcell Sahnesi

When? 8 February

Why should you go? The artist, who started to get acquainted with the piano at the age of 6, didn’t stop at classical music and built a musical bridge by incorporating elements and instruments of rock and electronic music into his magical pieces. 

Duly noted: We couldn't check the ticket prices, but if you want them, they are over here.

Out of town

Jazz in the capital: 26. Ankara Jazz Festival

What is it? Jazz festival. Bringing together many jazz musicians and orchestras from Turkey and abroad, the Ankara Jazz Festival will visit the capital for the 26th time. 

Where? Various venues, Ankara

When? 6-16 November

Why should you go? If you missed the Akbank Jazz Festival, you can catch some of the names from that programme (see Wonju Lee Quintet) at the Ankara Jazz Festival. Also, a tribute to vocal jazz legend Nat King Cole is waiting for you at the festival. 

Duly noted: You can visit here for tickets of the 11-day festival.

Out of town

40 days, 40 nights: Light Source

Source: artfulliving

What is it? Modern performance. Ata Doğruel’s performance Light Source will take the visitors on a long journey where the artist will spend 40 days in a dark room, and the only light source will be the candles brought in by the visitors.

Where? Odunpazarı Modern Müze - OMM, Eskişehir

When? 7 November - 17 December

Why should you go? Where the line between art and life is blurred, you will experience the boundaries of the personal and the public, the intersections of body and mind, darkness and light

Duly noted: The performance will be open 24/7 for 40 days.


New sea lines in Istanbul 

  • What is it? 7 new sea lines in Istanbul maritime transport are now in use. Kadıköy - Kasımpaşa - Fener - Sütlüce - Eyüp (1), Avcılar - Bakırköy-Kadıköy (2), Avcılar - Bostancı (3), Maltepe-Büyükada - Heybeliada - Burgazada - Kınalıada (4), Çengelköy - Kabataş (5), Beşiktaş - Kabataş - Karaköy - Kasımpaşa - Sütlüce - Eyüp (6) and Bostancı - Caddebostan - Moda - Kadıköy - Kabataş (7) lines will operate 12 to 24 trips.
  • More: Aşiyan - Anadolu Hisarı - Küçüksu (1), and Üsküdar - Aşiyan (2) lines which started operating on 28 October, will be integrated into the Rumeli Hisarüstü - Aşiyan Funicular line.

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Supporting all stakeholders in the draft beer ecosystem by enabling them to manage their draft beer operations more efficiently and in excellent quality of pub service, Pubinno produces AI-powered Smart Taps that pour high quality beer. 

Powered by the data regarding the quality of draft beer sold in different locations, Pubinno Selections offers a map that displays the hottest beer spots in Turkey.

Competing at the Europas, Pubinno has made it to the TOP5 Start-Up list in the AgriTech/FoodTech category.

You may visit this link to discover the future of draft beer with Pubinno.


SaDe (Artists Support Fund) now accepting applications 

  • What is it? SaDe, which is taking place for the first time this year, was designed in collaboration with IKSV and Mercedes-Benz to support artists working in the field of digital and visual arts.   
  • Details: Anyone who produces work inspired by one or more of the intersections of various digital and visual art disciplines can apply to the programme. In order to apply, artists will be required to be at the beginning of their production and submit a project presentation at the time of application. A total of 5 artists can benefit from the programme in a year and the winners will receive financial support of 5,000 Euros.

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Sinem Er

Meet Sinem Er, a yoga instructor who lives part-time in Istanbul and in London. But of course, she is an Istanbulite.

Last Monday we grabbed our coffees and took a walk around London, talked about our beloved Istanbul and the apple of our eye, London. To find out the hidden spots of the city and more, read the interview! But before that, we recommend Mammal Hands-Boreal Forest and taking a deep breath to meditate.  

Editor’s note: To read more about London and get an arbitrary guide to the city, subscribe here and wait for Tuesday.


My nickname: Vesile! (Turkish for 'pretext') Because I always manage to bring the right people together.

I have recently discovered (in Istanbul): Moda da Nata! So delicious!

I live in: London with a cat and a dog, in my heart I’m from Istanbul (always.)

When I want to do yoga in the open air: My go-to place is Dalyan Sahil because it is almost always quiet and peaceful.

My favourite daytime hangout: Dün Moda

As an Istanbulite you must meet: Gül Dirican, because she’s an exceptional and inspiring person and yoga teacher.

This yoga studio/forest/lake/workspace is a local gem: Atatürk Arboretum.

Only a true Istanbulite would know: That there’s actually an order in the chaos.


What does it mean to be an Istanbulite to you? 

Steadfast nerves! Jokes aside, it means feeling you could never live elsewhere despite all. Istanbul is so beautiful, vibrant and addictive. The city’s unique chaos makes you feel alive. An Istanbulite wouldn't give this up for anything.

As someone who has lived in both places (London & Istanbul), does the city have an effect on one's daily mood? If so, how does Istanbul affect you compared to London? 

It does! On my last trip to Turkey, I sensed that deeply. You don’t always understand it as you flow through life but your mood and perception is coloured not only by feelings and thoughts, but also by everything and everyone you encounter. I know that my thoughts on this can change too, but currently I feel more relaxed and calm in London.

What do you do to get away from the noise of the city? What are your escapades? 

If the weather is nice,  I like taking the ferry to the Madame Martha Beach at Burgazada. Other times, I like losing myself at Salt Galata and Minoa Bookshop.

You teach in both Istanbul and London. Do these two cities have similarities/differences around giving lessons?

Yoga is ‘live’ and as a profession, it is transforming itself. It’s become a big business with many chains and new systems in both cities. Compared to Istanbul, the London yoga scene is huge and choices are endless. Popularity contests are a thing here too, but it is also possible to find many venues that approach the teacher and practice differently. There’re many yoga and mindfulness events all around the city, and yoga is incorporated into almost anything and this is invigorating and inspiring for me as a teacher.

Is there anything that you think is missing in the yoga scene in Istanbul?

Diversity and non-competitive cooperation.

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Balat presents: Rakı, mezze, pide, and kombucha

An alternative food guide for those who are seeking adventures in Balat.

Balat is one of the oldest habitations in Istanbul. The neighbourhood tells you all about the story of the city without a word. Yet, it’s not as touristy as Sultanahmet or Taksim. No matter what, it preserves its neighbourhood culture and diverse inhabitants. Neighbours have chit chats in doorways, children play ball and people get married on the streets. There are no hotels or residencies designed for wealthy tourists. Well, Balat has buildings that had bad restorations and kitsch cafés created for the tourists. But who doesn't? 

Balat is still a gem. It has its own characteristics, words, and way of living. It’s a mixture of the new and the old. So here we are. We’ll start the day at Coffee Department, the third wave coffee shop of the neighbourhood, then we’ll end the day at Agora Meyhanesi, which has been in service since 1890. Later on maybe we'll have a glass of kombucha at Smelt&Co. Come and join us.

Smelt&Co.: We are not here to select the best of Istanbul but Smelt & Co. is one of the bests of Istanbul in both food and experience. Reservations are a must to taste the recipes that Sinan and Samet Chefs created by blending their culinary experiences abroad with the food culture of Istanbul. And to watch the sunset from the terrace.

Agora Meyhanesi 1890: Rakı, fish, mezze, melon. You can enjoy your drink by gazing at the neighbourhood from inside a historic building where everything inside is made of wood. Attention though, these don’t belong on a TV set, these are real memories unique to a real neighbourhood culture.

Forno: Trabzon cheese pita or lahmacun. Whichever you prefer, it's hot from the oven and the dough is crispy. It's as simple as a small diner, and a must for lunch.

Coffee Department: Coffee Department, which we are familiar with from Nişantaşı, is a coffee shop designed in the spirit of the neighbourhood, which from the outside looks more like a neighbourhood coffee house than a third wave coffee shop - and that's a compliment. Stop by for good coffee and fresh, sweet snacks. Our favourite is the coffee from Peru El Remanzo.

Check this out! Weekly travel and culture journal Soli (aka another sis) prepared special neighbourhood guides including essentials of the hood for the 17th of Istanbul Biennial visitors. Last weeks, Soli saluted you from Balat. Read the full guide here.

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