Çarşamba, 7 Aralık 2022
Çarşamba, Aralık 7, 2022
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📼 Feel-good movie list, Nilüfer Yüce

What's Fanon's feel-good movie selection? What does Nilüfer Yüce admire?

Welcome to the third issue of Fanon, which brings fanzine culture to digital and loves to talk about popular culture! 📼 

I'm going through the days of listening to Lana Del Rey non-stop, and my algorithm on TikTok reflects on my mood obsessively these days. On days like these, I always cling to movies I've seen before—those are feel-good-movies, one of my favorite genres. Three of my favorites are awaits for you in today's issue. Don't miss out on exploring them, just because you feel like you can't see it on MUBI. I just know that they will enter its library one day anyway.

Our third stan is also among us. Let me introduce you to Nilüfer Yüce, whom you know from her stand-ups. I asked what she admired; she gave me very deep answers, I'm excited for you read it.

🎸 Freaky Friday, 2003

📺 Shameless self promotion: If you missed our last week's issue, click here to visit our take on Büyük Ev Ablukada's newest single. You can also follow Fanon's Instagram account by clicking here.


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📼 Fanon's favorite feel-good movies
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From the days spent obsessing over Lana Del Rey's lyrics,
Alara 💋

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