aposto-logoPerşembe, 23 Mart 2023
Perşembe, Mart 23, 2023
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🍷 Food & Wine Pairings S01 E01

Chemical and physical effects, multi-sensory experiences.


Today, we set a beautiful table and start a new series. I am on your screens with Food & Wine Pairings Season 1 Episode 1. In this series, we discover the chemical and physical effects behind pairings. You can stop asking why does red meat come with red wine? Can't cheese pair with white wine? What's the reason for the acidity; where does this bitterness come from? Even though our food and wine choices are completely personal, I am sure that our discovery will deepen once we understand the reasons behind our choices by milling around the chemical and physical aspects of wine. This issue is a little long, but bare with me. Because you will get out of your endless loop of ordering Cabernet Sauvignon; a véraison promise! Now, we are starting with three plates in this epidose; in the upcoming months, we will continue on.

Attention! This post is about wine, a fermented grape juice from alcoholic beverages. For readers under 18, non-fermented grape juice may be more suitable.



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