aposto-logoÇarşamba, 29 Mart 2023
Çarşamba, Mart 29, 2023
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🧟 Frankeştayn Bookstore in Istanbul, Pixar's Turning Red

This week, we'll talk to the founder of an independent bookstore in Istanbul, Ayşe Tümerkan about the selection of Children's and YA Literature in bookstores; close-read Pixar's Turning Red, and visit a selection from Frankeştayn Kitabevi.

Welcome to Piccolo, a magazine interested in Children's and Young Adult Literature. 🪩 You might be a time traveler, pirate, fairy, magician, or mermaid. You don't have to say it—but your secret is safe with me.

🐼 Today we close-read Pixar's Turning Red. But why, you ask? I can't not talk about a good Bildungsroman, that's why!

🌈 We also have some suggestions from the independent bookstore known for its queer feminist books, Frankeştayn Kitabevi!

💌 Somewhere else to meet: You can follow Piccolo's Instagram account by clicking here.

🧷 Turning Red

Roadmap of the issue:

📻 Radyo Piccolo #4: Ayşe Tümerkan
🐼 Pixar's Turning Red: Metamorphosis from being a child to a young adult
💭 Suggestions from Frankeştayn Kitabevi's selection: Fairy tales from the Doctor Who universe, a brand new Cinderella plot
🌈 What's up for the next week?

From the Second Star to the Right,

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