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Çarşamba, Mart 29, 2023
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🦄 Queer children's books, Sude Belkıs, comic book rec

This week we're catching up on queer children's books, and Johnny Boo: The World's Best Little Ghost, and we visit the universe of İrem Türkmen.

İllüstrasyon: Sarah S. Brannen, Lucia Soto

Welcome to Piccolo, a magazine interested in Children's and Young Adult Literature. ✨ You might be a time traveler, pirate, fairy, magician, or mermaid. You don't have to say it—but your secret is safe with me.

The second episode of Radio Piccolo is published, and our guest is Sude Belkıs; we're catching up on queer children's books in Turkey and the USA; find out about İrem Türkmen's favorite books during childhood; Deniz Braderin presents the world of Johnny Boo.

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📡 Radio Piccolo #2: Sude Belkıs

Map of the issue:

📻 Radio Piccolo #2: Sude Belkıs
🦄 Queer children's books
👩‍🚀 Scavenger Hunt #3: İrem Türkmen
👻 Deniz Braderin suggests: Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World
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