aposto-logoCuma, 31 Mart 2023
Cuma, Mart 31, 2023
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🍷 Sparkling Week

Traditional bubbles, a sad song, a sparkling story.

Who am I? 1989 vintage; I am a chemical engineer and WSET3 certified wine expert who is curious, pokes her nose from one glass to another, and has a hard olfactory memory. My interest in wine started when I was dragging up my father's wines whose labels were like a mystery for me. While trying to understand the label, I found myself in horizontal-vertical tastings. While improving my nose, I did not neglect to smell vegetables in neighborhood markets and get lost in spice shops. 

In this issue, we dive into stories from the vineyard of producers and the palate of consumers. While sipping information in a glass, we match melody to grapes with Grapest Hits🎵.



Attention! This publication refers to wine and fermented grape juice from alcoholic beverages. For readers under 18, non-fermented grape juice may be more suitable.

This week in our glass:

🥂 Fresh Out of the Bottle: Sparkling, fizzing, frothing, foamy foam.

🎵Grapest Hits: A sad melody, a frothy story.

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