Çarşamba, 7 Aralık 2022
Çarşamba, Aralık 7, 2022
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🎷Take the A train to a London rave

Bossa nova, disco, deep house, dub beats; drum and bass at day raves, sunday live gigs at the pubs, jazz festivals accross town. This week and many upcoming ones London transpires music.

We live in an expeditious city. It is mostly the noise of welding machines, jackhammers, dump trucks coming from new constructions; people on the street almost crashing into a car (or bike) who didn't stop at the crosswalk; the barking of a dog. But when you listen a little closer, you can differentiate the click-clack of high heels rushing to the metro from the ones dancing on the dance floor; apprehend a whisper keeping company to a song. When you live in London long enough, the noise of the city starts to form a ditty, mostly in the shape of a Ronnie Scott melody. 

Thursday at Voodoo Ray's, Peckham

Bossa nova, disco, deep house, dub beats; drum and bass at day raves; Sunday or Thursday live gigs at the pubs, restaurants, pizza shops; jazz festivals across town. This week and many upcoming ones London transpires music. Are you ready to dance, whirl, twirl, pirouette and rock?

The tune this week is Jimpster - Step by Step



In the sixth AKA 🎷Take the A train to a London rave issue

Hopping (What’s going on in London: Hand-picked and unmissable events): Jazz pianist and composer Rick Simpson is revisiting Radiohead’s In Rainbows; make plans to get to know African Designers such as Thebe Magugu; Galerie Max Hetzler is presenting the year 1986.

What’s Cooking (Selected places to eat, drink, cafés, food markets): The perfect spot for a late night, after yoga, a margarita, or your jazz cravings.

An Arbitrary Guide (A subjective, opionated guide): To London rave culture.


Last Chance

Jazz pianist and composer Rick Simpson

Radiohead’s In Rainbows Revisited

What is it? Live gig. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Radiohead’s innovative project In Rainbows.

Where? The Jazz Cafe

When? 5 October, 7:00 p.m.

Why should you go? To listen to jazz pianist and composer Rick Simpson accompanied by Dave Whitford on the bass, interpreting Radiohead classics.

Duly noted: While you are in Camden don’t miss Café de Nata. We know Portuguese-born nata is one of the latest trends, but these ones are worth the wait.

Ling Ling's creative dishes

Ling Ling takes over the kitchen at The Gun

What is it? Permanent residency. Inspired by Cantonese and Sichuan roots and travels to Japan and South Korea, Jenny Phung is taking over the kitchen.

Where: The Gun

When: Wednesday- Saturday 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.; Sunday roasts 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Why should you go? To taste Jenny Phung's gochujang watermelon with feta as soon as possible; and some inventive roasts on Sundays. You never know where she is heading for a new adventure.

Duly noted: The Gun is one of the finest neighbourhood pubs, built in 1860 or thereabouts.


Chevelle Frazer-Rose

Nu Jazz Generations w/Cape Orange, Chevelle Frazer-Rose, Alia Lowers

What is it? Jazz concerts are for those who want to discover upcoming musicians, talented players, and maybe future headliners.

Where? CLF Art Lounge

When? 5 October, 7:00 p.m.

Why should you go? To listen to Anna Masic who is inspired by Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse; to meet Alia Lowers who tells stories vocally; to discover Cape Orange with an old soul tune.

Duly noted: These four students/artists are all from Goldsmiths.

Albert Oehlen, 1986 works

1986: Georg Herold, Albert Oehlen, David Salle

What is it? Exhibition. 1986 was the year of Chernobyl, the Space Shuttle Challenger's explosion, and Mad Cow Disease. Galerie Max Hetzler is presenting that year through three different artists' perspectives.

Where? Galerie Max Hetzler

When? Until 5 November

Why should you go? Herold and Oehlen are painting the story of post-war Germany, while Salle captures the 1980s in New York City.

Duly noted: Max Heltzer Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Plan ahead

LVMH Prize winner: Thebe Magugu

Africa Fashion

What is it? Exhibition. Incorporating textiles, design, still and moving images, Africa Fashion is taking us on a journey from the 1960s to the present day.

Where? V&A South Kensington

When? Until 16 April

Why should you go? To get to know African Designers. Thebe Magugu’s Discard Theory collection is being presented on 7 October at Raphael Gallery.

Duly noted: Do not miss the conference which will take an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach, host discussions on fashion from the 19th century to today. It will be held on 18 and 19 November at Hochhauser Auditorium.

Early bird

Archie Shepp, Barbican

Photo: Tatiana-Gorilovsky

London Jazz Festival

What is it? Jazz Festival. This year, London Jazz Festival is serving as a bridge connecting artists, and composers, and brings them together to forge new collaborations.

Where? Across London

When? 11-20 November

Why should you go? This is the 3oth year of London Jazz Festival. Everything from orchestral engagements to newly formed cross-border musical partnerships will be celebrated in various scenes.

Duly noted: Not to be missed; CHICAGOxLONDON: Alabaster DePlume, Angel Bat Dawid, Ben LaMar Gay, Jeff Parker, and more are playing on 12 November at Barbican.


Love at first Voodoo bite

For a late night, after yoga, a margarita, or your jazz cravings.

It was one of those evenings when I had to wait in line for EartH for a live gig. Or maybe one of the others, following a power yoga session. It can actually be even later when we used to dance at Brilliant Corners until it closed. I can’t remember my first encounter with Voodoo Ray's. All I can remember is the hunger and the fact that I was looking for a decent place to eat around the hood. 

At first, the smell of freshly baked pizza dough caught my attention, and then the music. I believe it was drum and bass. I entered, checked the counter, ordered El Niño, with vegan chorizo, and waited about two minutes while I gathered hot sauce from adjacent tables. After the first bite, the verdict was clear. From then on, Voodoo Ray's became my perpetual craving. At Dalston after disco nights out and at Peckham to start a good one.

What to order? We, definitely, absolutely recommend Queen Vegan. It has artichoke hearts and green olives.

Where: At Dalston 3:00 a.m. (yes, you heard that right) any given Friday or Saturday.

Heads Up: Apparently, Voodoo Rays is now open in Manchester too, if you have friends living in the area, let them know.

Bonus: Peckham branch has live jazz gigs on Thursdays. What is better than a slice (or two), accompanied by a glass (or more) of the frozen house margarita and saxophone.

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Rave to the grave

With winter is looming around the corner, city’s ravers turn their attention to club nights. Where, when and with who are we dancing this fall, let's see.

Guided by Elif Pulcu.

As the days are getting shorter, trench coats are pulled out of that unreachable top shelf, London ravers are finding their way back to the clubs from the greenfield festivals. When the sun is shining, and let’s be fair we had a sun-soaked one, the choices skew towards dancing at rooftop parties, making new friends in day festivals in the evergreen parks of London, or getting lost in the late-night sweaty stomping in camping festivals. Three festivals stood out from this summer that I’m waiting to secure the early bird tickets for – We Out Here in Abbots Ripton, Love Supreme in Glynde Place (scored already), and Gala in Peckham.

I believe there are two important historic influences on the rave culture as we know it. The first one comes from across the Atlantic, 70’s in New York, starting with David Mancuso and his Loft invite-only underground dance parties. In these parties David Mancuso and his friends laid the roots of beatmatching and record pool system. Loft parties were all about sharing the love for music and almost worshipping the music played by the DJ, dancing turning into a religious ritual. These invite-only parties did not only shape dance music but also were a source of inspiration for private discotheques of the 70’s & 80’s such as Studio 54. The first private party held by Mancuso was on Valentine’s Day in 1970 and was called “Love Saves The Day”. The predominant music was mostly disco and funk, including legends like Earth, Wind & Fire, George Duke and James Brown.

The opening of Hacienda, Manchester

Photos: courtesy of Ben Kelly

The second influence is The Second Summer of Love in the late 80’s where The Hacienda in Manchester was one of the major players. Even though illegal raves were popping everywhere in the UK at the time, clubs such as Shoom & The Hacienda were finally acquiring licenses to run all-night parties. Inspired by the illegal rave culture of early 80’s where the location of the party was communicated through phone booth calls, answering machine messages, mobile messaging and secret flyers, these legal raves still held on true to the anti-establishment & sub-culture aspect of dance parties. The predominant music of this era was house music, in particular Acid House with tracks that last up to 10 minutes, influenced by Detroit, Chicago and Ibiza sounds.

Nowadays London is at the forefront of raving culture today with big establishments like Fabric, Printworks and Koko as well as more underground clubs such as Colour Factory, Corsica Studios and Fold. For this autumn/ winter season, the parties that I am most looking forward to are these three:


Folamour presents: House of Love

What: Folamour dropping his disco beats in the refurbished Koko

Where: Koko

When:  14 October

Honey Dijon presents Radiance

What: Chicago-native Honey Dijon bringing together a mix of tastemakers such as Dan Shake and Mr. G.

Where: The Beams

When: 15 October

The Hydra: Erased Tapes

What: London based independent record label Erased Tapes mixing genres with music visionaries like Gilles Peterson at the South London raver

Where: Printworks

When: 5 November

See you on the dancefloor!

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A weekday night out, NT's

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