aposto-logoCuma, 3 Şubat 2023
Cuma, Şubat 3, 2023
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📺 Technology and drama: Business and startup dramas

Since last year, we spot a new trend that is rapidly emerging among producers: Productions based on actual events that revolve around the rapid rise and often just as rapid collapse of startups.

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This year, Elizabeth Holmes, the former founder of Theranos which is the subject to the biggest fraud case that Silicon Valley has ever witnessed, was sentenced to 11 years in prison as a result of the trial that had been going on for years. Thus, Holmes, who entered from the top among the most brilliant entrepreneurs of an era, ended up in prison.

With the conclusion of Holmes' case, we decided to take a look at the new rising trend in the world of TV series, namely business and startup dramas, that shed light on the founding of startups.


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