aposto-logoPerşembe, 23 Mart 2023
Perşembe, Mart 23, 2023
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🍷 The Birthday of Wine

Harvest in the winery, the sound of the oenologist.

This week, we are going to the winery and celebrate the birthday of wine. We see harvest and post-harvest processes in the winery, step by step.

I'm walking through the winery, when I'm about to get lost among the barrels, I hear a sound; the stopper of the barrel is off, someone is tasting wine with a straw. A little curious, a little excited, I go towards them and decide to start a series in this publication: "Voices from the Winery". I dream of pleasant and instructive conversations with people involved in the wine production process. The barrels are full, so why not?

If you are ready for a bit of travelling and a bit of celebration, let's start!

Attention! This publication refers to wine, a fermented grape juice from alcoholic beverages. For readers under 18 years of age, non-fermented grape juice may be more suitable.



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