Pazartesi, 5 Aralık 2022
Pazartesi, Aralık 5, 2022
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🌈 The cosmic overlap of Gülşen and Bihter, Koray Caner Öztürk

For those who watched the farewell episode of Aşk-ı Memnu for the 11th time: did you also realize the pattern hope of the queers through Gülşen and Bihter? What does Koray Caner Öztürk, the founder of nab., is a fan of?

Elimi de kolumu da bağla hadi
Bir odaya bir ömür hapset hadi
Becerebilirsen zapt et hadi
Yangınım çok büyük, of

— Gülşen, Yurtta Aşk Cihanda Aşk

Good evening, my dearest queer people! It is raining in Istanbul today, as it was in Akyaka last week. These days, I'm on a journey from keeping up with the Gülşen news in Turkey to watching the 11th final episode of Aşk-ı Memnu.

🪩 POP! news: So much has happened this week that I've been thinking about where to even begin! In today's episode, in which we will talk about Gülşen all the time, it seems that My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, our emo prince, has stolen the light of her through his decision of wearing a cheerleader outfit on the stage.

🕯 Koray Caner ÖztürkStan's guest of the week is Koray Caner Öztürk, the founder of nab. and Fashionably Digital Projects. If you want to be inspired by someone who admires the endless curiosity, come meet him!

🌈 Queer hope in Turkey: Our second regular writer, Efe Re, brings a psychoanalytic perspective to the cosmic overlap of Gülşen the pop singer and Bihter Ziyagil. If you're one of those who say, "We failed to save Bihter again," we welcome to the Kaleidoscope channel down below.

🎤 Gülşen
🧷 Design: Alara Demirel

The lineup:

🪩 POP! news of the week
🦸 Stan #10: Koray Caner Öztürk
🌈 Gülşen and Bihter Ziyagil’s cosmic overlap: Queer hope in Turkey
✊ What's up next week

"Ne kavgam bitti ne sevdam,"
Alara 💋

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