Çarşamba, 7 Aralık 2022
Çarşamba, Aralık 7, 2022
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🪦 Tim Burton's Wednesday Addams, Soft Analog's video clip

What's the latest on Tim Burton's Wednesday Addams? Have you watched Jordan Peele's new movie? So, who do Idil Tavşanlı and Ömer Çelik, the two halves of the music group Soft Analog, admire?

Soft Analog: Ömer Çelik ve İdil Tavşanlı

It's raining in Akyaka today. The summer is almost over and I'm still listening to the song I recommended on Mic Drop. I can't say I'm super unhappy with this. I'm a total fall person!

🍃 The bond between autumn and popular culture: Autumn means that we are at the right time for new films to be released, festival programs to be announced and that it's time for new productions. That's why everything is even more exciting. So I know what to get excited about when September comes! Go read POP!, there are good news.

📀 Soft Analog: Today, we are hosting two guests on the Stan channel as a single music group. We asked İdil Tavşanlı and Ömer Çelik their admiration and inspiration for their latest clip, Uçarım Bu Alemde. If you want to do a reading in preparation for their concert that will take place at Zorlu PSM on Friday, September 30, let's go read it.

📼 20 years ago today: Being a lover of popular culture also seems to mean romanticizing the productions of 20 years ago. This week there is news from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and High School Musical.


🪩 POP! news: Jordan Peele's Nope and Tim Burton's Wednesday Addams 
🦸 Stan #9: Soft Analog
⏪ 20 years ago today: Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and High School Musical 2
☮️ What's up for the next week?

Alara 💋

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