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Perşembe, Mart 23, 2023
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🦉 Why You Should Read Children's Books, 20'lik's Yasmin Güleç

We rediscover one of Piccolo's fundamental questions through the book Why You Should Read Children's Books! Meanwhile, Radio Piccolo continues and our guest is Yasmin Güleç, the founder of 20'lik!

Why You Should Read Children's Books

Welcome to Piccolo, a magazine interested in Children's and Young Adult Literature.  You might be a time traveler, pirate, fairy, magician, or mermaid. You don't have to say it—but your secret is safe with me.

📕 Today, we are bringing back one of Piccolo's most fundamental questions under the title of a book: Why You Should Read Children's Books. We combine Katherine Rundell's words from our own perspective by sometimes agreeing with her and sometimes even more agreeing by saying "Louder for those in the back!":

The type of literature we call children's literature is not something childish. Picking your nose and putting your finger in your mouth or making a mess when you don't get what you want is childish behavior. America's 45th president is acting childish. Childhood is at the core of children's literature, but that is not the same as being childish.

📻 Today, we are talking with Yasmin Güleç, whom you know from 20'lik, about what she read as a child, how they inspired her while producing content, and the importance of moving away from the ageist point of view of the genre.

📻 Radyo Piccolo #6: 20'lik'ten Yasmin Güleç
🎞 Photograph: Selin Ünsel

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Roadmap of the issue:

🦉 Rediscovering fundamentals of Piccolo by Katherine Rundell's Why You Should Read Children's Books
📻 Radio Piccolo #6: 20'lik's Yasmin Güleç
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