aposto-logoPerşembe, 23 Mart 2023
Perşembe, Mart 23, 2023
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🍷 Your Mulled Wine Recipe

Winter's treat, winter in a cup.


Bring out the oranges, apples, cinnamon and cloves - in this issue we are making mulled wine! Now, forget about who's recipe has cardamom, who prepares their syrup in a different way and who boils the wine. In this issue, we will be finding your mulled wine recipe. Spices on the right, herbs on the left, fruits on the side... We create a recipe that suits your taste.

Then, I share some gift ideas for wine lovers that will keep you even warmer as you are sipping on your mulled wine.

If your spice rack stacked and ready, let's begin!

Attention! This post is about wine, a fermented grape juice from alcoholic beverages. For readers under 18, non-fermented grape juice may be more suitable.



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