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Pazartesi, Mart 27, 2023
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Pazartesi, 27 Mart 2023

Aposto Istanbul

A weekly, practical guide to Istanbul for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Sunday.

Aposto Istanbul

Aposto Istanbul

A weekly, practical guide to Istanbul for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Sunday.

Latest Issue

· 25 Ara

🕺💃 Under the mistletoe, on the dance floor

Before the Christmas and the New Year's Eve, we will eat at Bordel and Afil, dance a bit at Mini and discover much more. PS: for new adventures: Soli is calling.

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18 Ara 2022

📌 This you must remember

While getting ready for Christmas step by step this week, we plan to visit Wonder Village to get into the spirit of the holiday. Of course, we still have much to go.

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11 Ara 2022

🎄Deck the Balconies, Istanbulite

This week we are at an exhibition about augmented and artificial intelligence reality, one of the rare delicatessen/wine bars of Istanbul and much more places to discover.

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04 Ara 2022

🌰 Chestnuts On A Grill, Istanbul in December

We are celebrating the return of Beyoğlu Cinema with some kestane (chestnut) and boza.

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27 Kas 2022

🔍 Where it happens

This week, we are here with Mini's party series, 11 Seconds performances, an extraordinary tour in Sanayi and our childhood favourite hard candy. The week's suggestion: Don't return home without eating lokum with cream.

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20 Kas 2022

🕊️ Istanbul, where we never give up

Imagine a city that everyone envies and a community that cannot give up no matter what happens to them. This week, we will talk about Istanbul, concerts, exhibitions, guides for foodies and more. Louder, out-of-spite.

Sponsored by İBB Kültür AŞ

13 Kas 2022

🎭 3-2-1 Action!

Istanbul is not just a city that exists with its historical beauties. A whole with its locals, sincerity, nature and more than you can imagine. If you are wondering who is playing with whom in the city, come with us.

Sponsored by DasDas

06 Kas 2022

🧐 An Istanbulite asks: Why not polygamy?

This week we shape a bond between Istanbulites and Londoners. Follow the rhythm of the cities and create your weekly event map. Stay tuned for more.

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30 Eki 2022

🙋 We want to know: Why are you here?

This city always creates a reason to stay.

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23 Eki 2022

👀 There are only extremes here

Istanbul means extremism, sometimes getting lost in its charm, rarely listening to yourself while walking on the cobblestones, and for the most part, keeping up with its rhythm.

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