aposto-logoCuma, 3 Şubat 2023
Cuma, Şubat 3, 2023
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Fill in the ____

Meet Billur Yapıcı and play the game in which we keep our favourites in mind.

Billur (Yapıcı), a singer-songwriter-producer who lives in Istanbul and London. We met her at Aposto London last Tuesday, and discovered and loved her habits about city life. Now we are here with a small chat about Istanbul. 

We wanted to make you feel nostalgic. We asked some 'fill in the blanks' questions to Billur just like in the old days. This time, for us, the gaps are filled with what we cannot give up in Istanbul.

Attention please: How would you fill in the blanks? Think about it, because at any moment you may have to.


Cihangir Çay Bahçesi

Van Breakfast House

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