Çarşamba, 7 Aralık 2022
Çarşamba, Aralık 7, 2022
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First Steps in the Winery

The winery side of harvest

We have physically (and emotionally) experienced the harvest in the vineyard in the previous issue. The grapes were on their way to the winery. Now here we are, in the winery! We celebrate the birthday of wine. We accompany the grapes' journey from the vineyard to the winery in the manner of a photonovel.

The journey of the crates of grapes starts in the selection band below.

The grapes fall out of the crates.

Then there is some cleaning. If there is any material that does not belong to the grape, such as leaves, stones, etc., those are separated by hand on this selection belt.

This is how the crispy grapes are arranged.

Now comes the elevator. The grapes are moving towards the stem separation with the help of the elevator. I apologise for my failure in the attempted perceptual illusion of the grapes actually being in the partitions of the elevator.

This is how the clusters of grapes go.

They are separated from the stems. I'm holding the grape stalks. They have a wonderful fragrance!

The grape berries are separated from the clusters and then dumped onto the next selection belt.

Then the grapes are separated from the stems and go through the second selection belt to the cracking. Think of two cylinders, like a cogwheel, the grapes pass through them and are cracked. After that, the grapes are pressed and fermented. We will talk about these in detail in the following issues. We'll get lost in the chemical changes, the physical transformations. For now, we are harvesting, and these are the first steps in the winery.

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