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How to join the earthquake relief now

2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

Two massive earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria. While the search and rescue operations continue, we compiled a list of reliable organizations through which you can donate.

Turkish Embassies and Consulates

  • How to donate: Volunteers who are willing to send in-kind assistance to people in need in Turkey affected by the earthquakes may contact embassies and consulates close to them and send the following items by mail or through in-person drop-off if the institutions are collecting aid. 
  • Donation list: Blankets, tents, sleeping bags, pocket warmers, winter clothing (jackets, gloves, headgear), and hygiene items.
  • Donation source: You can find a list of Turkish embassies and consulates here.


  • The Republic of Turkey's Ministry of Interior Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency is collecting donations for the search and rescue operations in affected zones.
  • How to donate: You can donate through their earthquake donation accounts through EFT or SWIFT.  Those in Turkey can text “DEPREM” to 1866 for a donation of 20 Turkish liras.
  • Donation source: here.

Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay)

  • Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay) is distributing food through mobile kitchens in the region. They are also sending tents, blankets, and beds in addition to collecting donated blood.
  • How to donate: They are accepting online donations, bank transfers, crypto transfers, and donations through SMS (to 2868 on all GSM operators in Turkey) and call centers (186 from Turkey).
  • Donation source: here.

AKUT Search and Rescue Association

  • AKUT is a voluntary NGO, involved in searching, assisting, and rescuing all who require aid, with no political affiliation. 
  • How to donate: They accept direct bank transfers. Those in Turkey can text “AKUT” to 2930 for a donation of 10 liras.
  • Donation source: here.

AHBAP Foundation

  • A Turkish NGO aiming at providing financial and social aid to those in need, increasing and strengthening cooperation in communities and society.
  • How to donate: With credit card and wire transfer through their donation account:
  • Donation source: here.


  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and its membership are raising CHF 120 million in support of the Turkish Red Crescent's response.
  • How to donate: Donations can be made via credit and debit cards by visiting the page below and selecting “Türkiye Earthquake” from the list of emergency response campaigns.
  • Donation source: here.

OXFAM International

  • Oxfam is a British-founded confederation of 21 independent charitable organizations focusing on the alleviation of global poverty.
  • How to donate: With a credit card through their website with the currency of your choice.
  • Donation source: here.

The United Nations Refugee Agency

The United Nations Refugee Agency is on the ground with emergency items including tents, blankets, and hygiene items in the affected areas of Turkey and Syria.

  • How to donate: From the earthquake relief fund on their website via credit card and PayPal.
  • Donation source: here.

Save The Children

Save The Children is an NGO, aiming at responding and caring for children in times of crisis.

  • How to donate: From the earthquake relief fund on their website via credit card.
  • Donation source: here.

Project HOPE

An international global health and humanitarian aid NGO working in fields such as disasters, health crises, infectious diseases, and health policy.

  • How to donate: From the earthquake relief fund on their website via credit card.
  • Donation source: here


CARE is an international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and world hunger by working alongside women and girls.

  • How to donate: From the earthquake relief fund on their website via credit card and PayPal.
  • Donation source: here.

US-based non-profit DirectRelief is preparing more than 25 pallets of medical supplies from its facilities in the US and Europe for Turkey and Syria. The shipments follow $200 thousand in grants issued Monday by DirectRelief to support search and rescue efforts — $100k each to AKUT (Turkish Search & Rescue Team) and Syrian American Medical Society.

  • How to donate: One-time donations can be made by clicking on the “Donate” button found on the page below. Make sure to choose the “Turkey/Syria Earthquake” option on the donation page to address your contribution correctly.
  • Donation source: here.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds

U.S. community foundation for high-impact social investments dedicated to Turkish and Turkish-American communities. 

  • How to donate: Through PayPal and credit card transfer from their website.
  • Donation source: here.
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