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Cuma, Şubat 3, 2023
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Neighborhood: Caferağa Local: Burak Ayaz

We're moving before we start tagging after Burak in Caferağa. Or should we say Edi?

  • My friends call me Edi.
  • Currently I'm a bartender, and if I didn't do that I would like to be a goatherd.
  • According to my friends, my specialty (even though I hate this word) is mixology. It is akin to reinventing the elements if you ask me.
  • I live in Moda in Istanbul, but in my heart, I am an Amazonian.
  • When a dog follows me for a while, I feel like I'm in my neighborhood.
  • My favorite place to walk at night is Yoğurtçu Park. Because the trees in the park are suitable for climbing. I don't always climb, but it feels good to be surrounded by nature.
  • Only a real Caferağa local with hearty eating habits would know: Registon Uzbek Restaurant. Samsa börek and Legman as the first order.
  • After midnight, you can probably find me at the Mehmet Ayvalıtaş Square, (Moda Havuz as the locals call it) with my friends.
  • The songs I'm listening to at night right now are on The Gloaming album.
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