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Scavenger Hunt #6: İdil Keyşan

Meet the illustrator İdil and her childhood.

🖍 Scavenger: İdil Keyşan

What is the first book you remember reading or was influenced by? Do you remember how it make you feel?

It's an almost impossible question to find the right answer to, but I've been digging through my childhood books from time to time so I was a little prepared. The first genre I was introduced to with books was of course educational books such as My First Dictionary, and when I looked again I was very surprised that the drawings on them were so engraved in my head.

The drawings that I see and like right now and even my own illustration style are exactly like these. I think these books shaped my visual aesthetic. My favorite books always have contoured, solid-colored, undetailed illustrations.

Also, when I was 5 years old, my mother bought me a book  in the form of a parent's guide called Our Sexuality. The book informed the reader about sexuality to children of different ages, and they are explained with pictures. 

Again, the drawings in it are etched in my head. For example, I learned the concept of a gay couple from an illustration in the book. I still can't get over these images! They were very cute, indeed. Perhaps my interest in sexuality and gender issues today may have arisen from this source.

🎮  Adventure Time

In which universe do you want to live in?

Adventure Time also has this visual style I mentioned above and it has a very entertaining universe. For example, I would like to live in Finn and Jack's treehouse—it seems like it would be fun to make sandwiches and play games, spend time and sleep in that house.

Being Princess Bubblegum and living in the Candy Kingdom is also a good idea. When you get bored, you can go from there to the Ice Kingdom and feed off of the chaos.

Which universe still calls for you?

I dream of a more gender-free, more vegan, more understanding and closer-to-nature future, and I am not hopeless. While trying to give a realistic answer, I realized that even this dream of mine seems fantastical.

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