Çarşamba, 7 Aralık 2022
Çarşamba, Aralık 7, 2022
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Stan #8: Berk Çavdar

What are you a fan of, Berk?

How would you complete the sentence: “I am a fan of…” What were the universes you were a fan of during your childhood?

I admire people who can stay focused and focus on the effort to which they dedicate themselves, giving one hundred per cent each time, even when the circumstances and moods around them inevitably change.

How does what you are a fan of affect you, your life, and your creations?

I'm sure there are essential differences between the concept of fanhood in my mind right now and in childhood. As a child, I admired the universes of books and movies where I could get lost for hours in their stories and felt with their characters. Number one among these was arguably the Lord of the Rings universe—it's a fan situation which continues even today. It's hard not to admire a universe full of nuances that have been thought through to the smallest detail, from its characters to the geographical structure of that world, to linguistic variations.


The people and works that I admire began to affect me and my productions differently as I matured. For example, I decided to make music when I was in high school when I came across a Red Hot Chili Peppers video on YouTube. John Frusciante was doing insane solos with moves I've never seen before, but then he came into the microphone and did angelic backing vocals and I was like, "I'm going to be this guy."

This story set me on a wonderful path—but if I continued with the same mission and motivation afterwards, I would have had a very funny and sad life. As I got older, I began to observe what the characteristics of the people I admired were that made them who they were, and how they reflected this in their production and the way they expressed themselves. The insights accumulated by this observation habit in my artistic pursuits or my personal life inspired me when necessary, offered solutions and showed direction when necessary.

🌪 From the shooting day for Kusursuz Fırtına
🎞 Photograph: 
Yasin Arıbuğa, after work

Do your creations intersect with your admirations/fanning?

I use a lot of references from the works I admire in my productions, but I try to present these references in ways that I can reflect the features that I find strength in myself. These references can sometimes be a mood or a theme, but most of the time it is musical ideas such as a sound selection or a melodic motif that catch me. I'm not afraid to borrow colors from the palette of someone I admire if it helps me express my thoughts exactly the way I want.

For example, although the topics I mentioned in my last song, Kusursuz Fırtına, are not based on a specific source of inspiration, the spoken-word part in the middle of the song is.

I had a hard time writing the song with normal lyrics and putting it into a melody. At that time, we were preparing for the sinanılmaz concert—I love the poetic expression in Sinan's songs. At the same time, we talked a lot with Sinan lately about songwriting and we always came back to the wonderful words of Bartu for Büyük Ev Ablukada. I can say that these two names impressed me in trying such a new concept.

Is there a universe you would like to live in? What does it look like?

Honestly, I've never been someone who escaped to the universes in my head, except for entertainment and limited times. I'm not that complaining about the universe I'm in right now, although it requires a lot of fundamental changes. 

I love the struggles, the pain, the happiness, the peace, and the uncertainty that comes with being a human in this universe I feed off of it. If I were to make a few small touches, I would like to eat iskender for three meals a day without affecting my health, and those cars being banned from entering Yeldeğirmeni.

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