Çarşamba, 7 Aralık 2022
Çarşamba, Aralık 7, 2022
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Yasemin Bahloul Nirun

Meet Yasemin. She is an actor, scriptwriter and singer living part-time in London and Istanbul.

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My nickname: Yaso, Bahlül or Yasmine (for all non-Turkish speakers)

I have recently discovered: Song Que, the best pho place in London

I live in: Istanbul and London, but my heart belongs to our village house at Milas.

I definitely want to see: Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman even though it’s coming next summer. Lily Allen will act in it so that makes it even more exciting.

For a play, this is the destination: I think the plays at the Harold Pinter Theatre are always a great catch.

My favourite daytime hangout: Music and Beans Shoreditch or One Hundred Hotel.

A Londoner you must meet: Joseph Charlton is of great interest to me because he is a former journalist and a playwright.

This theatre is a local gem: I am not sure about calling it a 'local' gem but I would definitely say Arcola Theatre.

Only a true Londoner would know: Not to press the button to open the tube door.


How long have you been a Londoner? What attracted you to this city?

I wouldn’t dare to call myself a Londoner because it has only been six months but I have always been in love with London because when you are seeing the world through the lens of musical theatre as I do, there is no better place!

Yasemin in London

How does the city shape your profession? How do people and the culture of your hometown inspire you?

I love how London allows everyone to do their own thing without any judgement. As someone who constantly works in different fields, I find it easier to adapt to London. However, I will always carry my hometown wherever I go because my greatest goal is to tell our stories in a universal manner in one way or another.

London is described as a multicultural, multicoloured city, do you see indicators of that on the art scene, especially in performing arts?

Yes yes yes! The most truthful thing I have ever heard since I came here is that in London everyone is from somewhere and no one is from anywhere. It is truly as if everyone just blends with their individualities.

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