📖 Arda Erel on Piccolo Radio, 3 books from a 10-year-old

This week we talk to the author Arda Erel about the inspiration he gets from the products of Child and Young Adult Literature, and we visit 10-year-old Arya's book recommendations for us! Have you heard of the Money-Eyed Pig?

Fotoğraf: Deniz Sabuncu, Tasarım: Alara Demirel

Welcome to Piccolo, a magazine interested in Children's and Young Adult Literature. 🌈 You might be a time traveler, pirate, fairy, magician, or mermaid. You don't have to say it—but your secret is safe with me.

📻 Today, on the fifth episode of Radio Piccolo, my guest is the author and novelist Arda Erel! The podcast is, unfortunately, in Turkish but I will briefly translate the topics! I'm excited for you to meet him and learn how a novelist is inspired by the genre Children's and Young Adult Literature.

🏰 We also meet with Arya's, a 10-year-old bookworm, suggestions. Would you like to meet the Money-Eyed Pig in The Castle of Inside Out?

📻 Radio Piccolo #5: Arda Erel and Alara Demirel
 🧷 Photograph: Deniz Sabuncu

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Roadmap of the issue:

📻 Radio Piccolo #5: Arda Erel
🏰 Recommendations from a 10-year-old bookworm Arya: Isadora Moon Goes to School, The Castle of Inside Out, Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy
🖌 What's up for the next week?

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