🌳 Breathe in, breathe out

Vigorous, dynamic, energetic but tumultuous, chaotic and disorderly at the same time. How to find a moment of calm in a city, this week we are in the search of serenity.

The city is full of noise. The announcement at the bus lets the passengers know about the next stop, and another one at the station makes sure you mind the gap between the train and the platform. The swish of raincoats taken off while sitting down, squeaky toys, creaking chairs, wobbly tables, fingers dancing nervously on keyboards; zippers, velcro, cracking knuckles, smacking of the mouth. A competition of sounds, winner unknown; that’s the melody of London.

A moment of poise

But when you listen carefully, you can hear a book page turning, a prose read; the tube conducting a symphony, the song chanted by skyscrapers at Moorgate. When you apprehend, London has the perfect pitch, even for a brief moment in time.

The tune this week is Jungle - Beat 54 (All Good Now)


Aposto London

Aposto London

A weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Tuesday.


In the eleventh AKA " 🌳 Breathe in, breathe out" issue

Hopping (What’s going on in London: Hand-picked and unmissable events): Pitchfork Music Festival is in town; Chris Killip retrospective happening at the Photographer’s Gallery. Have you digged through Bermondsey Antiques Market yet?

What’s Cooking (Selected places to eat, drink, cafés, food markets): The new brewery in town, serving eclectic house brews.

An Arbitrary Guide (A subjective, opinionated guide): To practicing yoga in a city as crowded as London. Yoga teacher Sinem Er takes us to her beloved studios.


Last chance

Coby Sey

Photo Eleonora C. Collini

AD93 Present Coby Sey, Moin & bar Italia

What is it? Live gig. AD 93 is a London-based record label run by Nic Tasker, providing a platform for projects in the arts, sound, film, and fashion.

Where? EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney)

When? 9 November

Why should you go? To dance to hip hop, drone, jazz, and grime.

Duly noted: This event is a part of Pitchwork Music Festival. There will be more music and dancing until 13 November, one being '4 venues, 1 ticket' on 11 November.

Scene from Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness

What is it? Film screening. Triangle of Sadness is a satirical tale of class clashes and role reversals, featuring Woody Harrelson, Charlbi Dean and Harris Dickinson.

Where? Barbican

When? Until 17 November, various hours

Why should you go? This is Palme d’Or winner Ruben Östlund’s latest film. He skewered the art world in The Square.

Duly noted: You can take a tour across the Barbican Centre and the surrounding Brutalist estate.


Seacoal Camp, Lynemouth, Northumberland, 1983, by Chris Killip

Chris Killip, retrospective

What is it? Exhibition. Born in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1946 Chris Killip is one of the leading figures in British photography. They are at the tough end of things, the people in his photographs. It’s about struggling for work, being out of work, and fighting for work.

Where? The Photographers’ Gallery

When? Until 19 February 2023

Why should you go? To get acquainted with an artist who was granted the Henri Cartier Bresson Award in 1991 and whose works are on the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Duly noted: An archive of 1400 Chris Killip images can now be viewed by anyone visiting the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol.

Every Friday, Bermondsey Antiques Market

Bermondsey Antiques Market

What is it? Antiques and flea market. You might find everything from cutlery to furniture and china to jewelry.

Where? 11 Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN

When? Every Friday

Why should you go? To dig around 200 stalls for bargain silver, glassware, and pottery.

Duly noted: The market opens at 6:00 a.m., and goes until 2:00 p.m. If you want the goodies, you must be an early bird.

Plan ahead

Cocina CoLaboratorio (CoLaboratory Kitchen) 

Tierra Sostenible (Sustainable Earth)

What is it? Fiesta (Celebration). This event is part of the public programme of Delfina Foundation’s fifth season of the Politics of Food.

Where? Delfina Foundation

When? 15 December

Why should you go? To experiment with collaborative ways of strengthening our relationships with nature in order to aid its regeneration.

Duly noted: The workshop series is free but limited to 20 participants. You must email [email protected], subject line: Tierra Sostenible.

Early birds

Bricklane Jazz Festival, 2022

Bricklane Jazz Festival

What is it? Festival. Here is your chance to meet and dance to artists making giant waves on London’s vibrant jazz scene today.

Where? Truman Brewery, Bricklane

When? 14-15-16 April 2023

Why should you go? First of all, this is a city festival in Bricklane. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a bite at Tibet Kitchen at Backyard Market.

Duly noted: You can listen to their 2022 edition 4-hour playlist on Spotify. The artists include Daniel Casimir, Waaju, Fehdah, and more.


Great Beyond Brewing Co.

The new brewery in town, serving eclectic house brews.

It’s not often we get a new and loveable brewery in a part of town where novelty has become a creeping force for commercial chains. A minute walk away from the band of Vietnamese restaurants in Hoxton, the Great Beyond Brewing Co. resides.

Great Beyond is parched under arched ceilings and warmly lit by string lights across the spacious interiors. There is a well-dressed gentleman (a bouncer with a kinder and milder attitude) opening the door to visitors, contrasting with the hyper-casual setting and the industrial beer tanks. The mix of small tables and long communal ones makes it perfect for crowded friend groups or casual dates. So does the menu: a mix of house brews and a few essential cocktails.

Inside the Great Beyond Brewing Co.

Being someone who prefers a crisp hazy IPA and having been mocked for it by snobby bartenders (at Red Hand for instance), I mainly felt welcome here. Not only because one of the five house brews is a hazy IPA, but also because the bartenders were eager to give a taste of their different brews and were very understanding when guests' preferences didn’t match their products. They weren’t afraid to tell their inclination and dislikes and how sometimes the raspberries sourced can taste better than the raspberry sour itself. It’s what this kind of place should be about: enjoying the beer without the pomp.

What to order: The hazy IPA, obviously. But for the adventurous beer drinker, the raspberry sour is excitingly raspberry-coloured and has a lovely red berry nose. Similarly, the coffee and orange zest porter had a warming, chocolatey coffee aroma with the orange shining through when washed down. I believe their small-scale menu is subject to change often, so asking the bartenders about what’s on tap is always a better choice.

Where: 417 Union Walk, E28HP

Hikâyeyi beğendiniz mi? Paylaşın.

An Arbitrary Guide

(To London Yoga Studios)

Words by Sinem Er

I think London combines inspiring, agitating and worrisome moments, but in general, the city inspires me and kindles my creative fire. When we practice in nature, we benefit from the calming effect the earth, sea, sky and wind have on our nervous system. But I think this is possible in the city too. The challenges of the metropol can be seen as an opportunity to expand our comfort zone. I say this as a yoga teacher and student. Being able to flow with the changes, staying curious and having resilience in a city like London is invaluable. We can learn this through practice and if we experience life with an unbiased mind, then the city, the crowd, and the noise can become our friends, too. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to help people with that.

Sinem Er, at her yoga practice

Yoga on the Lane, Shacklewell Lane: Yoga on the Lane has a non-competitive approach to a vinyasa practice. A fantastic place of community to get together to move mindfully, relax and restore. Naomi has a deeply compassionate style of teaching that is therapeutic and uplifting. Must experience! Also, in their shop, you can find a wide selection of aromatherapy products, yoga-related designer goodies and books.

Yogahome, Allen Road, Stoke Newington: It’s a really friendly, relaxed and down-to-earth centre. They have a wide selection of classes and experienced teachers. A plant-filled courtyard and two studios are tucked away behind a blue door. A former printing workshop retaining original features, the space has great charm and character.

Down to Earth Yoga

Down to Earth, Tufnell Park: A chance to practice with great teachers in a smaller class setting. The studio was formerly a piano factory. They also have an amazing store where you can find a selection of wellness gifts, yoga & pilates equipment and plants from independent and ethical businesses.

A hiatus in the city: 

Bookshops soothe me in general. My favourite one is a bit far away, but I just love it: Daunt Books in Holland Park. I walk and cycle along River Lea a lot and ever since I moved to Finsbury Park, Parkland Walk and Queen’s Wood fast became preferred routes, too. I recommend Common Ground and Blighty to chill with a coffee and a good book.

Hikâyeyi beğendiniz mi? Paylaşın.

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Barbican Center, Library

When the city gets loud, we like to find refuge in tranquil spaces. Places where the tumult of everyday life becomes an inner conversation. Where is your oasis, let us know


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Aposto London

Aposto London

A weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Tuesday.


Aposto London

A weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Tuesday.


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