📻 Dance at the Grow, Notting Hill for antique shopping

This week the pavement will bring us to the unknown territories. The RecShop, Grow, breakfast at The Wolseley, Sir John Soane Museum are on the way. Shall we embark on the journey?

Sometimes it’s just about going beyond. Beyond that café on the corner to the one athwart the park. Not because the seats were occupied at your regular one, but for a change in scenery and mindset. Beyond Portabello Road to Westbourne Park, Green, Grove to wait in the line at that (must-eat) local bakery, have a look at the antique dealer and discover a museum which was a house way back when. Beyond the bridge, but this time not for Southbank bookstores, BFI film screenings, The Hayward Gallery exhibition walls but Brixton market stalls, Nunhead live gigs, Peckham vinyl tunes, Crystal Palace house hunt.

Brixton Village

It might be the comfort zone that makes one feel at home, at ease, and belonging but when you travel above and beyond, you will become a pilgrim on your everyday road, a visitor at the adjacent tube station, a rover on a Sunday afternoon.

This week the road will bring us to the unknown territories. Shall we embark on the journey?

The tune on the headphone is Yazmin Lacey - Morning Matters


Aposto London

Aposto London

A weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Tuesday.


In the 14th AKA " 📻  Dance at the Grow, Notting Hill for antique shopping" issue

Hopping (What’s going on in London: Hand-picked and unmissable events): Book signing and Q&A with Marc Vallée; Medlar will take the reign and make you dance till 4:00 a.m.; Sama' Abdulhadi is announced as Phonox resident, taking over the Brixton club each Friday in January 2023.

Water Cooler Talk (Local news that you need to know to survive or just to speak of): The noise map of London, exists. Have you heard about it?

Finding (Somewhere we just discovered after living decades in London): There is a hotel in town opening its doors, lobby, and tables to the neighbourhood residents.

Londoner (A talk with a creative inhabitant): Meet Enis Karavil, a designer living, creating, and working in between Notting Hill (London) and Sanayi (Istanbul).


Last chance

Darian in his bedroom, London, 1998 

Photography: Marc Vallée

Book Launch and Talk: Marc Vallée

What is it? Book signing and Q&A with Marc Vallée to mark the publication of his new book 90s Archive: Volume One.

Where? The Photographers' Gallery

When? 1 December, 6:30 p.m.

Why should you go? To meet Marc Vallée in person, a London-based documentary photographer. His zines and photobooks are in the collections of Tate Britain, MoMA, Museum of London, Martin Parr Foundation and Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) in Paris.

Duly noted: Marc Vallée will be in conversation with Matt Martin, founder of The Photocopy Club and since 2019, curator and small press publisher at Photo Book Café.

Mary Otumahana, AKA WondRWomN, founder of The RecordShop

The RecordShop: Open Mic Sessions

What is it? Open Mic. Every two weeks you can take the stage at the RecordShop. To perform you must send your backing tracks to [email protected].

Where? The RecordShop, Unit 17A 159 High Road London N22 6YQ

When? 3 December

Why should you go? RecordShop was established in 2015 as a free pop-up recording studio and artist development programme for young creatives. They offer studio time, workshops, events, internships, apprenticeships and employment.

Duly noted: While around Wood Green, have a little pint at The Goodness Brewing Company or everyday pale ale at Jiddler's Tipple.

Medlar on the turntables

Rotation Policy W/ Medlar

What is it? Dance. Medlar, Rotation Policy and Sam Karam will take the reign and make you dance till 4:00 a.m.

Where? Grow, E9 5LN

When? 3 December

Why should you go? To be a part of the weekly night crowds of Hackney Wick (or as the locals would call it, ‘Wick’). You might be back for Thursday's live jazz sessions or Tuesday's open mic, poetry, and Q&A.

Duly noted: The same day between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. there will be an eco-conscious afternoon market in Main Yard, Hackney Wick.


Comedian Yuriko Kotani

Angel Comedy Social Club

What is it? Comedy act. The Angel Comedy Social Club’s social and warm atmosphere is on stage every Wednesday at The Bill Murray.

Where? The Bill Murray

When? Weekly, Wednesday

Why should you go? To laugh. Archie Maddocks, Khalid Winter, Rosie Holt and Yuriko Kotani will be on stage on 30 November.

Duly noted: While commuting you can listen to their podcasts.

Plan ahead

Sama' Abdulhadi

Sama’ Abdulhadi: 4 Fridays in January

What is it? Live gig. An emblematic artist of the Palestinian underground scene, Sama' Abdulhadi is the first Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer. She is announced as a Phonox resident, taking over the Brixton club every Friday in January 2023.

Where? Phonox

When? 6, 13, 20, 27 January

Why should you go? To get to dance Sama’s tunes alongside Victor Ruiz, Jennifer Cardini and Union DJs.

Duly noted: Before anything, please watch Sama’s Boiler Room performance at Palestine.

La Souris / The Mouse by Shafiq Abboud

Artists making books: poetry to politics

What is it? Exhibition. Works made by artists from New York to Damascus and beyond will be highlighted in this new show to explore the history of experts taking on the medium of books.

Where? British Museum

When? Until 17 September 2023

Why should you go? To see through the eyes of Iraqi creator Kareem Risan the shocking aftermath of a deadly explosion on the streets of Baghdad in 2005.

Duly noted: The mystic poetry of Persian poets Jalal al-Din Rumi and Hafez, as well as the tales of the Arabian Nights, are displayed.


What is the noise level in your neighbourhood? Whether it's car engines, motorcycles, or people shooting, yelling, or screaming, the city is full of hubbub. And now there is an interactive map that can calculate its levels in London.

  • Anticipadetly, areas close to the M25 motorway have the highest levels of noise pollution as well as traffic-dense areas like Soho, Covent Garden and Westminster. 70dB was recorded, which is about the same noise level as a washing machine. The majority of London’s noise pollution comes from traffic. People living near Battersea Park, Hyde Park and along the Thames are safe as they recorded levels between 40 and 55dB.


There is a hotel in town opening its doors, lobby, and tables to the neighbourhood residents.

A freelancer's dilemma: Where to settle for a long ‘in front of the screen day', filled with Zoom, and Huddle meetings, while trying to juggle the revisions given at the last minute, while also waiting for an IRL appointment who is late due to tube strikes. The answer to the elaborate question is mostly the nearest coffee shop with a window seat (now that winter has come, not so comfy), the table on the back with two plugs (the night falls around 4 p.m., a bit somnolent), a co-working space (like a sailboat, the friend’s membership is always better) or a nice desk at home away from the bed, the kitchen, and the TV.

Bermonds Locke, Tower Bridge

But if I said, after trying all of the above, I found the ultimate solution to catch-22 and the answer is a hotel lobby. At the five Locke locations across London (Tower Bridge, Dalston, Aldgate, Millenium Bridge) you can see people designing shoes, websites, and briefings; writing dissertations or book chapters; on calls or meetings; lying on chaise longs or swings. The tune varies from bossa nova to nu-jazz and if you stick around long enough, you can participate in pop-up shows, exhibitions or workshops.

Duly noted: At Bermondsey Locke, the coffee is provided by Shaman, you can bring sandwiches from home, no questions asked.

Hikâyeyi beğendiniz mi? Paylaşın.


Sanayi313 founder, creative director, and interior designer living and creating in between Notting Hill and Sanayi.

Meet Enis Karavil;


I live in: Between London and Istanbul but in my heart, I’m from Paris.

I have recently discovered: Buns from Home, Notting Hill London. 

My favourite street: Westbourne Grove because it’s a spacious street lined by trees which makes walking along feel quite good. 

A nice stroll around my neighbourhood: Starts at my street (Westbourne Grove) towards Golborne Road in Notting Hill.

This is my daytime hangout: Breakfast at Electric House followed by antique hunting on Marylebone Church Street, lunch at Ottolenghi and furniture shopping on Pimlico Road. 

A Londoner you must meet: The House and Museum of Sir John Soane because apparently, he curated an amazing collection of antiquities, furniture, and art two centuries ago.

Sir John Soane Museum

This designer is a local gem: Not a designer but a mecca for amazing designers: Dover Street Market

Only a true Londoner would know: The pleasure of an early breakfast at The Wolseley.


How long have you been a Londoner? What attracted you to live here? 

I’ve been a Londoner since 2010 when I first settled in the city for my Master’s degree at the Inchbald School of Design.

London is described as a multicultural, multi-coloured city, do you see indicators of that in design/architecture? 

London skyline presents a fascinating blend of modern architecture which beautifully contrast with the architectural heritage of the city. I’m particularly amazed by the work of Amanda Levete at the V&A where she created a new courtyard and an additional subterranean gallery. These modern functions are perfectly adapted to the landmark architecture.

What excites you about the London design scene? What is in vogue at the moment? 

It’s exciting to be in London when the city shows its most vibrant and dynamic side during Pad London and Frieze.

Can you take us to a road around town, where we should look up, which door should we enter, where do we get lost, where do we stop, pause, and stare at an inanimate object?

Let’s take a stroll starting off at Notting Hill, passing through Hyde Park and heading out towards Mayfair. After visiting an exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts, we make a short trip to the Burlington Arcade to check out some vintage watches and call it a day after a quick bite in Soho.

What do you complain about the most? 

The gloomy, grey skies of London.

Hikâyeyi beğendiniz mi? Paylaşın.

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It was the same way, we just took a different towpath

While promenading in London, what is your latest discovery? A passage, an alley, or a courtyard? Write to us 


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Aposto London

Aposto London

A weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Tuesday.


Aposto London

A weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighborhood. Every Tuesday.


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