aposto-logoPazar, 2 Nisan 2023
Pazar, Nisan 2, 2023
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🎬 Discovery Cinema #1.1: Can Kılcıoğlu

The discovery journey with Can Kılıcoğlu starts with his first feature-length film Karnaval, stops by Dagur Kári films, and arrives at Nordic cinema’s “persistent absurdities.”

Good morning. I am right in the middle of September. Probably, you are too. We are adding Discovery Cinema to our new content Discovery Stage which we started two weeks ago. Now, on Wednesday once every two weeks, we will discover a new name thanks to Emre Eminoğlu’s voice. Our first guest is Can Kılıcoğlu. I met and interviewed him last year during the Biz Aslında exhibit in Mixer, which he curated and for which he wrote the script. Our paths crossed again. In a bit, you will get to know him better and follow the “persistent absurdities.” See you on Friday.

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What’s in this issue?
🎥 Foyer: First lines of the new Discovery Cinema
🎬 Discovery Cinema: From interdisciplinary meetings to “persistent absurdities”: Can Kılıcoğlu
🍿 Lunchbox: Can’s discovery recipe
🎞 Two great films at once: Voksne mennesker & Oh Boy!

Emre Eminoğlu and Can Kılcıoğlu, in conversation at Moda

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