aposto-logoPazar, 2 Nisan 2023
Pazar, Nisan 2, 2023
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🎬 Discovery Cinema #1.5: Nisan Dağ

Nisan and I are on a treasure hunt in the streets of Moda.

Hello from one of those days where I change my route for the autumn view. The quote Lack of memory is a bad wound of mine is on my mind. Did you make peace with whatever you couldn’t remember? How am I doing with what I chose to forget? All I know is, the more I add to my memory and my life, the more I make a story of it – I wonder, how is it for you?

Welcome to Discovery Cinema in between two Discovery Stages. See you on Friday in our Discovery issue.

The Pin Cushion Queen, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, Tim Burton

What’s in this issue?

🎥 Foyer: A meeting filled with treasure hunts with Nisan in the streets of Moda
🎬 Discovery Cinema: Meet Nisan on a journey from movie magic to cinematic encounters
🍿 Lunchbox: Jan Švankmajer cinema, Elia Kazan, a website, and more
🎞 Two great films at once: It Felt Like Love and Girl

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