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Highlights of the Week: Biodiversity, Financial Literacy, Human Rights

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Eurozone’s annual inflation was revised slightly lower to 10.6% from a preliminary reading of 10.7% in October, final data from the EU's statistics office showed on Thursday. Despite the revision, the year-on-year increase in consumer prices remained at a record high, while Eurostat confirmed its previous reading for monthly inflation at 1.5%.


Mercedes-Benz cut the price of some of its electric models in China, following market leader Tesla, which last month slashed prices in the latest sign of softening demand in the world’s largest EV market. “We aim to flexibly adjust operational strategies in response to shifting market demands,” the company said in a statement.


• Eurostat confirmed a 0.2% quarter-on-quarter growth in Eurozone GDP in Q3 for a 2.1% year-on-year increase, while employment also rose by 0.2% quarter-on-quarter in Q3 for a 1.7% year-on-year rise. The European Commission expects the economy to shrink in 2022 Q4 as well as 2023 Q1 as spending and borrowing power and consumer confidence diminish due to surging energy prices and rising interest rates.

  • Trade balance issues: Eurostat measured the international trade deficit in the Eurozone at €34.4 billion in September, down from the record €50.9 billion in August — as exports increased by 23.6% YoY and imports increased by 44.5%.



Spektrum is a weekly politics publication focusing on Turkey, city agendas and international policy.

AKP's view on fundamental rights

Stating that fundamental human rights and freedoms are ‘the achievement of humanity as a result of centuries-long struggles’ the AKP program indexes the indicator of being a civilised society to the level of these freedoms. It argues that freedoms are also the foundation of democracy. The program states that ‘the most significant element of trust in a society is the belief of the individuals living in it that their rights and freedoms are respected’ and that this respect ensures the adoption of the democratic regime by the society and the protection of social peace.

In the field of fundamental rights, the party promises that ‘the standards of international conventions to which Turkey is a party, in particular the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Paris Charter and the Helsinki Final Act, will be implemented.’ It promises that the views of civil society will be taken into account, that the freedoms of the press, thought, and expression will be built based on international standards, and that secularism will not be interpreted as hostility to religion. While emphasising the sensitivities of religious people, it states that religion cannot be an instrument of pressure on people who have different lifestyles.



Circular Economy 101 writes about circular economy, a model of production and consumption of sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.

How can we utilize circular economy for biodiversity?

While circular economy aims to reinvent systems, it actually proposes the larger system to renew itself thanks to the basic principles of the concept. This system we are talking about is, as you can guess, natural ecosystems. As it has been for millions of years, nature ensures its own sustainability through a cyclical system, and thanks to its resilient structure, it continues to survive regardless of the conditions. In fact, we are aware of the fact that nature can renew itself no matter how much damage we do to it. Today, the biggest motivation of humanity in combating the climate crisis is unfortunately still largely 'ensuring the continuation of the human race. The sustainability strategies implemented with this perspective are not designed as strategies that make it fully possible to protect nature.

This is precisely why biodiversity is one of the most popular topics on the global agenda today. Biodiversity basically defines a characteristic of life on earth, biological diversity. Although this expression may seem very simple, the impact of biodiversity is of course much more complicated. While all life on Earth is possible thanks to the current balance of biodiversity, some factors cause biodiversity to decrease and disappear. Here, biodiversity should not be considered only as the extinction of an animal species. Of course, the extinction of an animal species is a very critical and threatening factor as it disrupts the natural balance within biodiversity. However, biodiversity loss is a process that has devastating consequences far beyond just affecting the food chain.

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Aposto Tech gathers the best articles on technology at Aposto, curated by our editors. Topics include startup news, AI, fintech, gadgets, and more.

Private wealth management and financial literacy

It is an undeniable fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our perception of many areas. During this process, some issues that changed drastically were the way we address money and our spending habits.

The pandemic which made the gap between lack of cash and cash abundance more and more explicit, led those who could save money during this period or those who earned better to a point where they could not know what to do with their money. So much so that, the majority who preferred to spend their money on things such as shopping and travelling, were left with no idea about what to do with their remaining investments such as houses and cars since they were deprived of the abovementioned activities because of Covid-19 restrictions. Combined with boredom, this situation inevitably led to a great boom in the number of stock investors.

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Aposto Istanbul is a weekly city guide for Istanbul lovers who want to make this city their neighbourhood. Hand-picked events, local news, recommendations and more.

Experimental screenings: 4. International Experimental Film Festival

What is it? Film festival. Turkey's first avant-garde and experimental film festival, which has its finger on the pulse of experimental films from Turkey and around the world, will be in Istanbul for the 4th time.

Where? Salt Beyoğlu and Hope Alkazar

When? 23 - 27 November

Why should you go? While experiencing an alternative film festival, you will make extraordinary discoveries with spectacles that expand the visual and narrative possibilities of cinema. In addition, Stan Brakhage, one of the most important figures of 20th century cinema, will be the guest of the retrospective section of the programme. 

Duly noted: All screenings in the festival are free! Get the detailed programme here.



Aposto London is a weekly, practical zine to London for those who want to make this city their neighbourhood.

Vegan deli, it exists.

London’s approach to vegan food is pretty simple: let’s subtract animal products, eggs, and honey from the tasty heaven of plants and elevate flavour, zest, and innovation. It’s not about what’s taken off but the vegan parmesan added on top of a three-hour slow-cooked mushroom and lentil bolognese; carrot lox in between bagel sheets, mayonnaise infused chickpeas mixed with shallot for a quick sandwich.

But even in this land of ‘London can make anything vegan, anything vegan can be made in London’, a crucial element was missing. A deli where the ingredients are layered between two slices of bread, and the toasties are crunchy on the outside and soft at the centre. I use the past tense because now, it's here.

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