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Highlights of the Week: Eurozone Inflation, Stock Markets, London

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• European Commission leaders were in Ukraine to hold a joint meeting in Kyiv on Friday, the first summit between them since the beginning of Russia's invasion and since Ukraine was granted candidacy status for the bloc. Leaders are expected to discuss Ukraine's progress toward becoming a full member state, and further support for Ukraine as well as global food security.

  • In accordance: The EU is to train an additional 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers as part of its Military Assistance Mission, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said.


• Eurozone inflation eased for a third consecutive month in January, according to a flash estimate from Eurostat released on Wednesday, thanks mainly to a fall in energy prices. Headline inflation came in at 8.5% year-on-year, down from 9.2% in December and a record high of 10.6% in October. The annual rise in energy costs dropped to 17.2% in January from 25.5% in the month prior.

  • However: Food price inflation rose slightly from 13.8% in December to 14.1% in January. Core inflation, which excludes volatile energy and food costs, stood unchanged at 5.2%. The economic indicator is being closely watched ahead of a new interest rate decision due on Thursday from the ECB, which is expected to raise the key interest rate by half a point.


• France’s economy expanded slightly in the final quarter of 2022, preliminary GDP figures from INSEE revealed on Tuesday, as falling energy imports and strong business investment offset a pullback in consumer spending. The euro zone's second-biggest economy grew 0.1% in Q4, down from 0.2% in the previous quarter. For 2022 as a whole, the French economy grew by 2.6%, roughly in line with the government's expectations.

  • Inflation: French consumer prices rose in January on higher energy prices after the government phased out some measures that had reined in increases, according to preliminary figures. The Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) rose 0.4% from December, pushing the 12-month inflation rate to 7.0% from 6.7% the previous month, in line with expectations.



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How to start a business in the USA

It would not be wrong to assume that the ideal of every entrepreneur who has already reached the stage of establishing a company, is to make their business international.

The first step is to establish a company abroad, mostly in the USA. The USA, which is a popular country for entrepreneurs and even investors, has been very popular in recent years with its entrepreneurial incentives and legal and tax related conveniences. On the other hand, the size of the market, its proximity to the South American market of 425 million people and the presence of sector leaders in the USA make it even more popular. However, it is known that entrepreneurs should use financial resources cautiously. Therefore, it is useful to carefully examine the bureaucratic processes and requirements before setting up a company abroad, especially in the USA.

Incorporation and tax identification

There are two issues that entrepreneurs must decide on before setting up a company in the USA: The state of incorporation and the type of company.

If the company to be established in the USA will be actively operated from the USA, that is, if there will be a physical presence there, the state where the work will be carried out is the best place to establish the company. Delaware and Wyoming are more advantageous than other states in terms business. Both of these states offer great opportunities to entrepreneurs in terms of tax. Although Delaware is slightly more expensive than Wyoming in terms of taxes, it is more preferable due to the state's pro-employer laws. Plus, upon request, you can personally visit the state and reduce the processing time to 1 hour.

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A Better Year for Stock Markets?

By Jim O'Neill

LONDON – Although it has been almost a decade since I gave up a full-time job in finance, markets – and market oddities – still fascinate me, especially when they send signals that run against a widely held consensus among analysts and investors. Given all the disappointments in 2022, the outlook for the new year is quite downbeat. Major corporations are announcing layoffs, and the International Monetary Fund is forecasting that at least one in three countries will experience a recession this year.

The reasons for such pessimism are not hard to find. The big inflationary surprises of 2022 triggered a massive and rapid tightening of monetary policies in most major economies, and key central banks have continued to talk tough. Although the US Federal Reserve reduced the size of its interest-rate hikes from 75 basis points to 50 bps in December, it has made clear that more rate hikes are likely – and that a rate cut is not in the cards for 2023. Making matters worse, many other problems, like Russia’s war in Ukraine, continue to simmer, threatening supply chains, markets, and economies around the world.

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• Soli is a weekly journal of neighbourhoods digging into urban culture, people's stories, and sociocultural dynamics. 

Dalston: A little dirty, a little ugly, a little raw

Neighborhood: Dalston, London. Local: Kirsty Tinkler. Words by: Berkok Yüksel.

London didn’t creep up on me. I remember the exact moment and place I started believing I can enjoy this city. It was in Dalston, in front of a church, sitting in a parklet with a friend drinking beer on a chill, sunny afternoon. There was nothing special about that moment, but it felt freeing. 

Less than a year after that moment I moved to Dalston and London opened up for me. Describing the character of Dalston today is a tricky task. To me, it's a neighborhood in the midst of gentrification. In the daily outdoor market, Caribbean aunties haggle with vendors, while a young “creative” is trying to take a picture for their third Instagram account pointing their analogue camera.

When the opaque doors of Turkish social houses are slightly ajar, you see old uncles playing backgammon, and drinking tea. Just across the road, there is a colorful queue to London's most famous queer clubs. As you approach the Junction, you see chain cafés and fast food restaurants, even an Amazon Fresh store, as if you're in a business district. 

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