aposto-logoÇarşamba, 29 Mart 2023
Çarşamba, Mart 29, 2023
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🍷 September, the Month of Harvest

The birthday of wine, a festival in Çal, the concept of time.


This month we celebrate the birthday of wine, it's harvest time! September is my favorite month; for me it represents birth, fertility and an endless cycle. The grapes have been growing all year, the result of all the work in the vineyard is hidden in the harvest period -which is now, the 1-2 month period we are in. We are taking a journey this week and experiencing the harvest together. Destination is Çal, Denizli. In this magical region that has been home to many civilizations; we will wander among the vines, and harvest.

There is a discovery in this issue; we get to know a new winery. We salute the roots and hear stories in those unforgotten vineyards and those undried grapes. If you are ready, let's start the journey!

Attention! This publication refers to wine, a fermented grape juice from alcoholic beverages. For readers under 18 years of age, non-fermented grape juice may be more suitable.



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