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Pazartesi, Mart 20, 2023
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Ceyda Artun

We're following Ceyda in Gayrettepe. But first, we meet. We can hear someone whispering in our ear, "Sanki".

  • If my friends talk about me while I'm not around, I hear them say Sanki Ceyda. (It’s a wordplay on Sanki Atölye, “sanki” means “nearly” in Turkish)
  • I am currently working as a chef and content creator. If I hadn’t been doing that, I'd want to be a farmer.
  • For my friends, my specialty is cooking, and for me, my specialty is designing food.
  • If I haven't done it myself, I'm usually at a friend’s table. One of my favorite things is the food someone else prepares at home.
  • Unfortunately, it is not very pleasant to walk in the neighborhood. I will not be able to argue that it is very convenient to hike, as it has "hill" in the name. (“Tepe” means “hill” in Turkish) If I'm in a hurry, I like to walk from Ihlamur Pavilion, otherwise I like to walk from Maçka Park to Sanki Atölye.
  • My recent vegan discovery in Istanbul: Ethique Bakery
  • I go to Lokanta Kru when I want to eat something vegan on the go, and to Grotesk when I want a quick chat.
  • A flavor I searched for but couldn't find: a plant-based kumpir.
  • Only the gastronome vegan knows this shop: I don't know the vegan part, but I'm sure most people don't know about it except gastronomes: Prasini Papia.
  • In the neighborhood, you can find me after midnight in the next door, Sail Loft.
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