Nature-bound has a never-ending crush on the green, summers are music listened to lying on the grass.

Picnic or walking? Magnolia or azalea?

Dear Istanbulite, taking a tour around the world in 80 days might be easier than traveling between Istanbul’s different districts, or finding a green-heavy spot in the city. This is why we would get upset often and let loose the screams inside: “Where is this green, where are the trees?”. Then we would hear someone whispering, “Follow me”, with a reassuring intonation so that we know that we would be safe in his hands. This is Mert, and this is his green guide.

Walk walk Istanbulite 

Escaping to nature:

  • Maçka Democracy Park: If you’re looking for ways to feed your nature cravings in the middle of the city, Maçka Park has been standing with grandiosity since 1993. For jogging, walking, or lying down on the grass. 
  • Atatürk Arboretum: With more than 1500 handcrafted plants inside, Atatürk Arboretum is a dream come true for everyone imagining heaven all green.
  • Belgrad Forest: If you could take a deep, fresh, and clean breath despite the barbecue-goers, or think you can go for a quick run, Belgrad Forest is the destination you are heading to in Sarıyer.
  • Baltalimanı Japanese Garden: Camellia, photinia, Japanese maple tree, Hosta, Iris, Nandina, Hibericum, and more. This is for the adventurers looking for an exotic yet close garden experience in Baltalimanı which brings the fresh air of Bosphorus along.
  • Yıldız Park Grove: Home to Güzel Istanbul sculpture which was "exiled" from Bankalar Street to here. We say exiled because it was forced to be out of the public’s gaze for its "obscene" design. Make sure that Güzel Istanbul is not out of your gaze.
  • Otağtepe Fatih Grove, TEMA Vehbi Koç Nature Culture Center: Ever wondered how it might feel to see the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge together with the oldest bridge over Bosphorus, or aspired to witness a different color of Istanbul in each season? Well, Beykoz’s Otağtepe Fatih Grove is the spot you should save in your mind.
  • Atatürk City Forest: Just across the Hacıosman subway station, and close to the center of Istanbul, Sarıyer’s Atatürk City Forest is for the daydreamers imagining a walk amongst the swans. Feels like a dream, right? 
  • Aydos Forest: For the ones looking to sweat canoeing amongst pine trees. Yep, you heard that right, we said canoeing in Istanbul.
  • Gülhane Park: The birthplace of the Edict of Gülhane, the historic platform where Atatürk was honored as the headmaster of teachers and eternalized with his first statue, and to which Nazım Hikmet dedicated poems. This is for anyone who likes to take a trip in history and along the way wishes to make memorable stops.
  • Polonezköy Nature Park: Anyone searching for a piece of wildlife in Istanbul? Well, come and visit Polonezköy Nature Park, and meet an extensive array of animals like roe deer, weasel, marten, goldfinch, turtle dove, and many more.
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Atatürk Arboretum

Atatürk Arboretum

Belgrad Forest



Japanese maple




Fatih Sultan Mehmet


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