The cool kid of Asmalı Mescit: Bordel is here

The street food restaurant where you can find currywurst, bratwurst, “Azgın Tavuk”, crispy French fries, falafel pita, mac & eski kaşar cheese, and more.
The cool kid of Asmalı Mescit: Bordel is here

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Taksim Sanat to exhibit in Contemporary Istanbul One of Turkey’s leading art fairs, the 17th edition of Contemporary Istanbul is calling all art enthusiasts to Tersane Istanbul to view thousands of artworks from hundreds of significant art organisations all over the world, including Kültür AŞ by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality . Artworks of artists who have exhibited in Taksim Sanat throughout the year such as Cemil Özçelik , Ecem Dilan Köse , Muhittin Can Koyuncu , Nergiz Yeşil , Saltık Doğa Özsar , Serkan Tok and Şevval Konyalı will meet their viewers in Contemporary Istanbul until 22 September . To follow Taksim Sanat on Instagram, you may visit this link.

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Well, it's not the good old days anymore, you know. We are missing the glory days of Asmalı Mescit as a lively, magical place that never disappointed. However, someone said “We should not be hopeless, we are better than this!” and we agreed. We know Asmalı Mescit will come back eventually. We’ll dance till the first light of the morning, the galleries will reopen, Istanbulites will redefine the culture here. Maybe even Babylon will come back. If we can dream it, we can do it.

And the good news is out of Asmalı Mescit this month! Cem Ekşi, the chef of Mabou, one of our favorite restaurants in the neighbourhood, has recently opened Bordel, the street food restaurant where you can find currywurst, bratwurst, “Azgın Tavuk”, crispy French fries, falafel pita, mac & eski kaşar cheese, and more. Chef Gökhan Cilak promises to bring back the old days when we got lost in the streets of Asmalı to find a quick meal before heading home after dancing.

Crispy French fries, falafel pita, mac & eski kaşar cheese

Photo: Elif Bayram

After a glorious night or a visit to an exhibition in Asmalı, stop by Bordel and order what you like. If you ask Berkok, one of our food writers, he recommends Azgın Tavuk (chicken) because of its pita and sauce. If you ask me as a vegetarian, I say go for the French fries and try mac & eski kaşar. If you are open to new experiences, of course. 

What to order: Azgın Tavuk and French fries

Where: Asmalı Mescit Jurnal Street No: 2a

Heads up: It is open between 12 p.m. and 1 a.m. 

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