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• The European Commission announced that €210 billion has been allocated for a project that aims to end the Union's dependence on Russian fossil fuels by 2027. • The European Parliament adopted the 2022 Turkey Report in a plenary session, stating that the democratic decline in Turkey is "deliberate". • Hungary's form of government was defined as "elective autocracy" in a draft resolution adopted in the European Parliament. The resolution suggests that Hungary systemi...Devamını Oku

29 Ara 2022

• The UK government's controversial policy to deport migrants to Rwanda was ruled as "lawful" by the country's High Court, saying that the scheme did not breach the UN's Refugee Convention or human rights laws. However, the court also criticized Home Secretary Suella Braverman for failing to "properly consider" the cases of eight asylum seekers. via BBC A step back: The controversial plan -- backed by the ex-PM Boris Johnson and most of the Conservative party...Devamını Oku

20 Ara 2022

• UK government is planning a new law that would allow the country to ignore rulings from the European Court of Human Rights after the court blocked the deportation of migrants to Rwanda last week. If passed by the parliament, the UK’s new Bill of Rights will distinguish that the Supreme Court —which had allowed the Rwanda flights— has legal supremacy.

23 Haz 2022

• The UK government vowed to organize more flights to deport asylum-seekers from around the world to Rwanda after a last-minute court ruling canceled the first flight scheduled to deport on Tuesday. UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said that "preparation for the next flight begins now," and that they "will not be put off by the inevitable legal last-minute challenges." A step back: The UK had to cancel a flight that was scheduled to deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda on ...Devamını Oku

16 Haz 2022

• The First plane to deport asylum-seekers who enter the UK illegally is to depart to Rwanda, in exchange for millions of pounds in development aid to the East African country. A couple of hours before take-off, PM Boris Johnson defended his plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda, saying that this policy will deter people from "paying criminals to help them take the risky journey across the English Channel in small boats." Backlash: The policy has faced a series of le...Devamını Oku

15 Haz 2022

⚡ Lightning Round The UK's controversial plan to deport migrants to Rwanda is set to go ahead after a judge rejected an emergency bid by NGOs to block deportation flights, ruling politicians should manage immigration policy. Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe threatened China would “fight at all costs and fight to the very end” to stop Taiwan’s independence, amid soaring tensions with the US over the issue. Nine NATO nations on the eastern flank of the all...Devamını Oku

13 Haz 2022

• The UK government struck a deal with Rwanda to send some asylum-seekers thousands of miles away to the East African country, a move criticized by opposition politicians and refugee groups as inhumane, unworkable and a waste of public money. PM Boris Johnson said “anyone entering the U.K. illegally … may now be relocated to Rwanda.”

15 Nis 2022