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We are teleporting to polyphonic ringtones: Millenyum FM What is it? Party . 'Let's have a New Year's Eve party together?' says HOOD Base, and tunes into the frequency of the Millenium. Where? DasDas When? 24 December Why should you go? Barış Demirel, Batu Akdeniz, Selin and Sufle will take you back to the years of low waist jeans and phones with buttons. A millennium-style after-party will be organised by Kübra Uzun. Duly noted: Britney, Paris Hilton, a...Devamını Oku

18 Ara 2022

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How to become a regular #5: Comedus

This week, we are at Comedus with Selin Osmanoğlu, the writer of Veraison.

11 Ara 2022