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Ukrainian President ile ilgili hikayeler

Year-to-date price changes. Prices at markets close. • The headline event this week is the ECB meeting on Thursday as markets price in another 75bps interest rate hike, given the recent jump in inflation data. PMIs today will get the week off to a fast start, with GDP and inflation seeing us into the weekend. Monday German Chancellor Scholz to hold forum with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy; Global preliminary PMIs; China GDP, unemployment. Tuesday EU and G7 to ...Devamını Oku

24 Eki 2022

• The European Commission suggested suspending import tariffs for Ukraine, namely for fresh produce, as well as the removal of import quotas for agricultural goods and industrial goods like steel. On the other hand: Tariff exemptions alone won't save the Ukrainian economy and "sufficient export of products to European and global markets" is needed, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.

29 Nis 2022

• Facebook removed an altered video falsely depicting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy ordering troops to surrender. Meta's Head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher said the company removed the content for breaking its "manipulated media" policy, which has banned the use of "deepfakes" for more than two years. The video also aired on a Ukrainian TV station that was reportedly hacked.

18 Mar 2022