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• Russian officials on Thursday accused Ukrainian saboteurs of crossing into western Russia and firing on villagers. Ukraine denied the claim and warned that Moscow could use the allegations to justify stepping up its own attacks in the ongoing war. via CNN On the ground: Russian forces are advancing within Bakhmut as intense fighting continues, according to the Ukrainian military and analysis from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Despite Russian a...Devamını Oku

03 Mar 2023

• Ukraine’s military might decide to pull their troops from the eastern city of Bakhmut, where a bloody, months-long Russian offensive has been going on, an economic adviser to Ukraine’s president said Wednesday. Meanwhile, in a video posted by the Ukrainian military, a soldier said his country’s forces are still standing in Bakhmut, with no plans for a retreat. via CNN Why it matters: The ongoing battle in the eastern Donetsk region has become a symbol of U...Devamını Oku

02 Mar 2023

• Ukraine’s Armed Forces said on Sunday Russia conducted unsuccessful offensives near Yahidne over Saturday after Russia's Wagner mercenary group claimed to have captured the village in eastern Ukraine. The General Staff said Russia keeps concentrating its offensive efforts along the entire Bakhmut front line, where Yahidne is located. via Reuters Background: Bakhmut has seen some of the bloodiest fighting for months in Russia’s year-old invasion, leading to ...Devamını Oku

27 Şub 2023

• Russia is preparing for a "maximum escalation" of the war in Ukraine, a top Ukrainian security official said, adding that the escalation can potentially take place as soon as in the next few weeks. Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, added, "I am conscious the main fights are yet to come and they will happen this year, within two to three months." via CNN What they're saying: Russia is unlikely to see strategic ...Devamını Oku

02 Şub 2023

• The final death toll from Russia’s missile strike on an apartment building reached 44, including 5 children, Ukrainian officials said. Saturday’s strike on the southeastern city of Dnipro, one of the deadliest attacks of the war, also left 79 people injured, the presidential office said. via CNN Meanwhile: A former commander of Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group, Andrei Medvedev , fled to Norway to seek asylum, and said that he feared for his life after refus...Devamını Oku

18 Oca 2023

• A Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro killed at least 29 people and wounded 73, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Sunday. 72 apartments were destroyed, and more than 230 apartments were damaged in the attacks on Saturday. Missiles and explosions were heard across the country including Lviv in the west, Zaporizhzhia in the southeast, Myokaliv in the south, and Kharkiv in the northeast, officials said. via CNN Furthermore: The...Devamını Oku

16 Oca 2023

• Russia's Defense Ministry said on Wednesday it appointed the country's top general, Valery Gerasimov, as the overall commander of its "special military operation" in Ukraine— the biggest reshuffling of its military command structure after months of battlefield setbacks. The Chief of the General Staff's order to rescue the stuttering campaign comes as Moscow struggles to seize Ukraine's eastern town of Soledar in the Donbas after taking heavy casualties. via Reute...Devamını Oku

12 Oca 2023

• Ukrainian officials said they were bolstering forces around Bakhmut in the eastern Donbas region, as Russia's mercenary Wagner group made constant attacks with an aim to capture the area's underground mines. Ukraine's military said Russia "threw the most professional units of the Wagnerites into battle," with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy adding that Bakhmur and the nearby town Soledar were holding on despite attacks. via Reuters Meanwhile: Officials at a s...Devamını Oku

10 Oca 2023

• Kremlin-linked oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin said he interfered in US elections and would continue to do so in the future, the first such admission from a figure who was formally accused by the US of trying to influence their national politics. In his Telegram post right before the Nov 8 midterm elections in the US, Prigozhin said "During our pinpoint operations, we will remove both kidneys and the liver at once.” Good to know: Prigozhin had admitted to founding Russi...Devamını Oku

08 Kas 2022

• Russia is recruiting Afghan special forces who were trained by and fought alongside US troops and fled to Iran after the chaotic US withdrawal, three former Afghan generals told the AP. Led by Russia's mercenary force Wagner Group, recruiters aim for thousands of former elite Afghan commandos with $1,500-a-month payments and promises of safe havens for their families. via The Guardian Backstory: The Russian military's recruitment follows months of warnings ...Devamını Oku

02 Kas 2022