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Unequal Execution Regulations Deepen Injustice

The prosecution and penalization of actions unrelated to violence, aligning more with the exercise of freedoms pertaining to expression, assembly, and association within the framework of terrorism offenses, generates a multifaceted dilemma within the realm of the rule of law.

Ali Rıza Çoban


17 Ağu 2023

Erdogan's Alleged Call for Court Members

In her news dated March 30, 2023, Seyhan Avşar from Halk TV revealed some allegations that she stated were based on the statements of a member of the Constitutional Court. In the news, it is stated that after the Constitutional Court decided to lift the measure regarding the blocking of HDP's accounts, the President called the members who voted for the measure to be lifted and expressed his discomfort with the decision.

05 Nis 2023