English Channel ile ilgili hikayeler

• UK PM Rishi Sunak promised to cut National Health Service waiting times, turn the economy around, and stop migrant boats crossing the English Channel — before the planned general election in 2024. Sunak set out five promises that he asked the country to hold him accountable for, including halving inflation in the next year and promising more health service choices for patients. via BBC

05 Oca 2023

• The UK will pay France £8 million more a year under a revised agreement that aims to stop people crossing the English Channel in small boats, as the UK government is coming under increasing pressure to reduce journeys across the water that have risen to record levels this year. Under the new agreement, the money will pay for increased surveillance of French beaches, and UK police will be able to observe patrols within France.

15 Kas 2022

• The UK and France are set to agree on a deal possibly on Monday to join efforts to stop migrants from crossing the English Channel, Telegraph reported. The agreement will significantly increase the 200 French officers and volunteers who operate on Channel beaches and may include more British drones to detect migrants hiding in dunes before they attempt the perilous crossings often in flimsy boats.

14 Kas 2022

• The First plane to deport asylum-seekers who enter the UK illegally is to depart to Rwanda, in exchange for millions of pounds in development aid to the East African country. A couple of hours before take-off, PM Boris Johnson defended his plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda, saying that this policy will deter people from "paying criminals to help them take the risky journey across the English Channel in small boats." Backlash: The policy has faced a series of le...Devamını Oku

15 Haz 2022

• 27 migrants died while trying to cross the English Channel from France to reach the UK when their small boat deflated. The deaths escalated the animosity between UK and France, who are already at odds over Brexit, with both parts rejecting to take responsibility and accuse the other country for “bad immigration management.” via Human Rights At Sea Call for action: France’s President Emmanuel Macron called for a “ stronger European cooperation ” to tackle th...Devamını Oku

26 Kas 2021