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• France needs to begin reining in public finances from next year to ensure that debt does not keep piling up, the IMF said on Monday, adding that Europe’s second-largest economy has successfully softened the impact of surging energy prices to households, at a steep cost of over 2% of its GDP.

22 Kas 2022

🏭 Energy: France is losing its race to fix the reactors Europe needs ♻️ Success or COP-out: How do this year’s climate talks rate? 💬 Culture: Why do some words sound similar in completely unrelated languages?

21 Kas 2022

• The UK and France are set to agree on a deal possibly on Monday to join efforts to stop migrants from crossing the English Channel, Telegraph reported. The agreement will significantly increase the 200 French officers and volunteers who operate on Channel beaches and may include more British drones to detect migrants hiding in dunes before they attempt the perilous crossings often in flimsy boats.

14 Kas 2022

• France said it will allow an NGO ship carrying 234 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean to dock at the port of Toulon after Italy refused them entry. The passengers have been stranded at sea for two weeks. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said Italy's right-wing government's ban on the boat was "incomprehensible" and "selfish." Darmanin said the passengers subsequently would be divided among France, Germany, and other European countries. via Reuters

11 Kas 2022

• France’s energy regulator asked households and businesses to cut their energy consumption to avoid blackouts this winter as the country heads into the heating season with just half of its nuclear reactors online and Russian gas imports curtailed. Grid operator RTE has warned that the curbs on generation —which have forced the nation to import electricity at sky-high prices— could lead to rotating power cuts. Zoom out: The government aims to reduce energy consumptio...Devamını Oku

10 Kas 2022

• SOS Humanity Group said its migrant rescue ship Ocean Viking was heading to France's Corsica island in hopes that its 234 passengers will be offered a safe port after Italy backed down and allowed three other migrant-carrying boats to disembark on their land.

10 Kas 2022

• French utility EDF —which is soon to be fully nationalized— will sell less of its nuclear power at lower prices set by the country’s energy regulator to smaller rivals in 2023, compared with this year when it suffered multi-billion euro losses, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said. The reduction could increase the energy price businesses face. Zoom in: EDF will be required to sell 100 terawatt-hours to rivals at what is known as the Arenh price, rather than this ye...Devamını Oku

28 Eki 2022

• Train traffic in France was cut almost by half after several unions called a nationwide strike over decades-high inflation to expand a weeks-long industrial action at oil refineries and other sectors. The refinery workers' strike has become one of the hardest challenges that President Emmanuel Macron has been facing since his re-election in May.

19 Eki 2022

• France started sending natural gas to Germany for the first time as Berlin strives to diversify its energy supply following Moscow’s gas cutoff. French gas network operator GRTgaz said the pipeline connecting both countries began delivering an initial daily capacity of 31 gigawatt-hours, which will eventually increase to 100 gigawatt-hours, representing less than 2% of Germany’s overall gas consumption. A step back: French President Emmanuel Macron announced last m...Devamını Oku

14 Eki 2022

• Air France and Airbus will face charges of involuntary manslaughter when they go on trial today over the 2009 crash of a flight from Brazil, which caused the deaths of all 228 people on board and was the airline’s deadliest crash in history. The case focuses on pilot training and a defective speed monitoring probe, which was quickly replaced on planes worldwide in the months after the accident. via BBC

11 Eki 2022