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• The EU failed to defuse tensions between Kosovo and Serbia after the bloc's high representative Josep Borrell invited the countries' leaders for emergency talks, but said both parties showed "unconstructive behavior" and did not agree on a solution, blaming them for failing to settle a dispute over vehicle license plates.

22 Kas 2022

🏭 Energy: France is losing its race to fix the reactors Europe needs ♻️ Success or COP-out: How do this year’s climate talks rate? 💬 Culture: Why do some words sound similar in completely unrelated languages?

21 Kas 2022

🪖 Keep calm and carry on: Russia needs a respite, so the West must help Ukraine fight on 💸 Bleeding cash: Meta's Apple-sized hole in its once-mighty advertising business 🎓 Europe's best universities: Where are they in the world rankings?

18 Kas 2022

• The eurozone economy and most EU member states are expected to tip into recession in the last quarter of the year, according to the European Commission's autumn economic forecast, amid elevated political uncertainty, high energy price pressures, erosion of households' purchasing power, a weaker external environment, and tighter financing conditions. The European Commission Looking ahead… The EU's executive arm revised up its inflation forecast from July, ...Devamını Oku

14 Kas 2022

• France suspended an agreement to take in 3,500 migrants relocated from Italy and urged other EU members to do the same after tensions between the two countries were heightened over a migrant boat. Italian PM Georgia Meloni warned it would not be "intelligent" for the EU to isolate Italy, and added that Italy took in almost 90,000 migrants this year, while Ocean Viking, with 234 on board, was the first NGO rescue boat that France had ever accepted. via BBC A ...Devamını Oku

14 Kas 2022

• President Emmanuel Macron said France's military strategy must strengthen them as an independent, respected, nuclear-armed power through the end of the decade, warning against possible escalation in Russia's war in Ukraine and other global effects of war. Unveiling France's "national strategic review," the only EU country with nuclear weapons wants to focus on boosting the EU's defense capacity building, as the bloc is still largely dependent on US and NATO. via ...Devamını Oku

10 Kas 2022

🏭 Opinion: Europe must protect its electricity market from Putin 🇺🇸 Election takeaways: No sweep for the Republicans after all 🧠 Psychology: Do political ads influence voting behavior?

10 Kas 2022

🗳️ Explainer: Why is Northern Ireland facing another Stormont election? 🔭 NASA presents: A spooky view of the Pillars of Creation 🎃 Halloween special: The mythical creatures of Europe — Wolpertinger

31 Eki 2022

🏦 Factbox: Credit Suisse's strategic overhaul at a glance 🚗 Opinion: It’s time to admit self-driving cars aren’t going to happen 🎃 Halloween special: The mythical creatures of Europe — The Golem

28 Eki 2022

🏦 Analysis: Decade of central bank largesse haunts taxpayers as losses loom 💾 The big take: The only crypto story you need, by Matt Levine 💀 Halloween special: The mythical creatures of Europe — Baba Yaga

26 Eki 2022