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Popping China's Balloon

If the Sino-American relationship was a card game, one could say that America and its longstanding allies have been dealt a good hand, especially in light of China’s growing economic, demographic, and political challenges. But even a good hand can lose if it is badly played.

03 Mar 2023

• Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he is preparing for an upcoming visit to Moscow by Chinese President Xi Jinping for the opening of a metro line built by the division of a Chinese construction enterprise. Beijing has so far avoided calling the Ukraine conflict an "invasion" and continued diplomatic and economic support for Moscow. More drones: Russia’s defense ministry said the military prevented a "massive" drone attack on Crimea , claiming that...Devamını Oku

02 Mar 2023

• China ordered schools to "oppose and resist Western erroneous views" in legal education, such as constitutional government, separation of powers, and judicial independence, and to rather put more emphasis on the dictates of the ruling Communist Party and leader Xi Jinping. The order came a week before China's ceremonial parliament is to begin its annual session, and similar directives have been issued in the past like students being encouraged to report on academics th...Devamını Oku

01 Mar 2023

• US President Joe Biden said Putin made a "big mistake" for suspending the country from participating in the New START treaty, the last remaining nuclear arms deal between the two nations. Biden's condemnation came as he carried out a four-day visit to Ukraine and Poland meeting with Bucharest Nine leaders.

23 Şub 2023

• US President Joe Biden made an unannounced visit to Ukraine in a show of Western solidarity days before one-year marks Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv, Biden also announced an additional $500 million in US assistance, including artillery ammunition, anti-armor systems and air defense radars, along with tighter sanctions on Russia.

21 Şub 2023

Year-to-date price changes. Prices at markets’ close. • S&P’s PMI flashes for the Eurozone and the UK will provide the first peek at how European economies are performing in February as we get the latest update to Core PCE —the Fed’s preferred measure for inflation— at the end of the week. Monday US markets closed for President’s Day; US President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Poland; EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels; Eurozone consumer confidence; Fi...Devamını Oku

20 Şub 2023

• The death toll from the two devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria on Monday has surpassed 12,000, according to authorities. Rescue teams continued their search Wednesday for signs of life in the rubble of thousands of buildings toppled by the world’s deadliest earthquake in more than a decade, amid freezing weather conditions that are further endangering survivors. via Reuters Furthermore: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the espec...Devamını Oku

09 Şub 2023

• A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 3,000 people across a swathe of Turkey and northwest Syria on Monday, with freezing winter weather adding to the plight of the thousands left injured or homeless and hampering efforts to find survivors under mounds of rubble. It struck before sunrise in harsh weather and was followed by large aftershocks, including a major one at 7.5 magnitude. via Reuters Furthermore: The quake, which was centered on...Devamını Oku

07 Şub 2023

• French labor unions held a second day of mass strikes and protests against President Emmanuel Macron's pension reform that aims to raise the retirement age. France's rail operator SNCF said only one-third of high-speed TGVs were running and urged people to work from home. Subway and commuter trains in Paris were also disrupted, and many schools were closed. via Bloomberg In other news: More than 10,000 care sector workers held a protest in Brussels , deman...Devamını Oku

01 Şub 2023