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BRICS Expansion Process and Turkey

The fact that Turkey is not mentioned among the new members of BRICS clearly shows what kind of foreign policy and international trade system it should aim for.

Enes Özkan


02 Eyl 2023

Freedom of Expression Decision of the Constitutional Court

It should be noted that these decisions of the Court did not rectify the violations of the applicants' rights. Instead of contributing to the resolution of the issues concerning freedom of expression, these decisions obscured the problems.

Ali Rıza Çoban


04 Ağu 2023

The Journey of Mehmet Şimşek and Hafize Gaye Erkan

The way these individuals are referred to, separate from the functioning and human resources of the institutions, serves as a strong indication of the institutional collapse that we have been reporting on in our bulletins.

Enes Özkan


23 Haz 2023

Aposto TechAposto Tech


The Poverty of AI Pessimism

Following the public release of powerful generative AI applications like ChatGPT, a growing chorus of pioneers in the field has spoken up to highlight the dangers that the technology poses to economic stability. But while sound regulation is obviously needed, scare-mongering could do more harm than good.

13 Haz 2023

Aposto PoliticsAposto Politics


Turkey's Pragmatic Islamist

What to expect from Turkish foreign policy in President Erdoğan's third term.

06 Haz 2023

Turkish voters are finally going to the polls today for a double election. Voters will vote for both the presidency and the parliament in this election. The unofficial results of the parliamentary election will be announced as of May 15, but the same may not be the case for the presidential election. As a matter of fact, under the current circumstances, it seems plausible that no candidate could win the majority to win the presidency in the voting on 14 May. In this case, i...Devamını Oku

Mustafa Erdoğan


13 May 2023

We can perhaps make the most accurate assessment of the state of Turkish politics by looking at the final decision of the Supreme Election Board (YSK), just a short while before the general elections. With this decision, the YSK has rejected the objections made to President Tayyip Erdoğan's candidacy for the presidency for the third time. However, Article 101 of the Constitution is clear that, as a rule, a person can be elected president "at most twice". The only exception t...Devamını Oku

05 Nis 2023

LOCAL: Neighbors are gathered around the dining table at Giritli, a Cankurtaran gem. The present company includes regulars clinking rakı glasses. In front of us sits, Mother Ayşe, the creator of the space we are in. She is telling the story in her own words. NEIGHBORHOOD BY NEIGHBORHOOD: This is Cankurtaran. One of the 57 neighborhoods of the Fatih district. The furthest point of the Historical Peninsula. The place where you return home with instrumentalists accompanyi...Devamını Oku

11 Mar 2023

• ECB President Christine Lagarde said on Thursday that interest-rate increases may need to persist beyond a planned half-point move in their next meeting. The comment confirmed expectations that policymakers have already flagged a 50-basis-point hike on March 16 and quashed market chatter about a bigger rise, shifting the focus to the ECB's subsequent meeting in May. The quote: "At this point in time, it’s possible that we continue on that path," Lagarde told a Span...Devamını Oku

03 Mar 2023

Aposto FinanceAposto Finance


Inflation in the Eurozone: is it persisting or falling?

Supposing that tensions don’t return to these highly volatile markets, the baseline effect (that’s to say, with the transitory effects removed) in the months to come will be ever more favourable, thus lowering global inflation.

28 Şub 2023