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The anatomy of a murder

Every politician, every government official, and every contractor who paved the way to mass murder must be questioned and account for over 35,000 people who lost their lives.

Abdullah Esin


21 Şub 2023

Aksoy Research 's January results show that the increase in the AK Party's votes in the October-December period has halted and even declined by a few points. On an alliance basis, the Millet Alliance was ahead of the Cumhur Alliance by a few points. The vote rates of the parties after the distribution of swing voters: AK Party: 33.3% CHP: 25.5% İYİ Party: 14.6% HDP: 11.1% MHP: 7.7% DEVA Party: 1.2% Saadet (Felicity) Party: 1.1% Gelecek (...Devamını Oku

05 Şub 2023

Opinion Polls In the survey conducted by Metropoll Research , 43% of the respondents answered ‘Yes’ , 50.7% answered ‘No’ and 6.3% answered ‘ No idea’ to the question ‘Would you vote for President Erdoğan if there was an election today?’ . Breakdown according to party bases: 30% of MHP voters and 11% of AK Party voters stated that they would not vote for President Erdoğan. Kılıçdaroğlu’s votes are even lower: In response to the question ‘Would you vote for...Devamını Oku

08 Oca 2023

Opinion Polls Türkiye Raporu’s (Turkey Report) research showed that 59% of respondents' income does not cover their expenses, 28% of respondents’ income barely covers their expenses, 5% of respondents’ income exceeds their expenses, and 8% of respondents’ income covers their expenses exceedingly. On the other hand: While there was no change from September to October, the rate of those who could make ends meet decreased, and the rate of those who could not make ends ...Devamını Oku

18 Ara 2022

Opinon Polls Turkey Report's research showed that 64% of those think that the mining accident in Bartın was caused by negligence. The rate of those who said "such accidents can happen even without negligence" was 22%, while 14% did not express an opinion. Distribution by the parties' voters: Although the majority of voters of all parties think that there was negligence, a significant portion of AK Party and MHP voters said that "such accidents could have happened eve...Devamını Oku

11 Ara 2022

Opinion Polls In the survey conducted by Metropoll Research, 61% of the respondents answered the question "How do you think the opposition's presidential candidate should be determined?" as "the people's preference should be the basis". The rate of those who said "it should be determined by the Six Table" was 20% and the rate of those who said "it should be determined by all opposition parties" was 11%. 8% of the respondents did not express an opinion. Leadership crit...Devamını Oku

04 Ara 2022

Opinion Polls Turkey Report's survey showed that 60% of the respondents think that CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu's proposal to legalize the headscarf is "not sincere". The rate of those who think the initiative is "appropriate and necessary" is 31%, while 64% see it as "an effort to win votes". The rate of those who think that "CHP is trying to make peace with its past with this initiative" was 41%. "CHP would not ban the headscarf": In the Metropoll Research survey, 35% o...Devamını Oku

27 Kas 2022



‘A natural and right step’

MHP leader Bahçeli commented on the AKP’'s HDP visit with these words.

13 Kas 2022

Opinion Polls Turkey Report shows that since May 2021, the answer to the question "Which party would you not vote for?" has been AK Party. Today, 40.4% of the society responds to this question as AK Party, 24% as HDP, 17.4% as CHP, 4% as MHP, and 2% as İYİ Party. Vote distribution by parties: According to the survey, 44% of those who voted for MHP and 31% of those who voted for AK Party in 2018 stated that they would never vote for HDP. While 33% of those who voted ...Devamını Oku

23 Eki 2022