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• Italy is planning a 50% one-off windfall tax next year on surplus income of energy companies that have benefited from the surge in oil and gas prices, a draft of the government's 2023 budget seen by Reuters showed on Monday. Rome expects to raise around €2.5 billion from the tax, which follows a framework proposed by the European Commission. In other news: German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said on Monday he expects the country's debt-to-GDP ratio to climb...Devamını Oku

29 Kas 2022

• Ships carrying hundreds of migrants rescued at sea were ordered by Italy’s far-right government not to release all passengers upon arrival. Rome allowed minors and people in need of urgent medical care, in total 144 of 179 passengers, to disembark from a German-flagged charity vessel, Humanity 1A, but the ship refused to leave the Sicilian port of Catania. via Bloomberg

07 Kas 2022

• Cabin crew from budget airlines Ryanair and Vueling will strike across Italy on Oct. 1 to demand higher pay and better working conditions, and to protest the recent redundancies of 17 Vueling flight attendants in Rome. No Ryanair cancellations are expected as the airline dismissed the industrial action as planned by “three tiny and irrelevant unions who don’t represent Ryanair staff.” via Euronews

23 Eyl 2022

• Italy’s long-term borrowing costs remained stuck near its highest level since 2014 at an auction on Thursday as investors weighed the risk of political turmoil and looming elections in Rome. The country issued €2 billion worth of 10-year debt at a 3.46% yield, a decline of 0.01 percentage points compared with the previous auction on June 30, in stark contrast to Germany’s 10-year Bunds sales at a yield of 0.94% on Wednesday. via FT

29 Tem 2022

• Russia’s Gazprom halved the amount of natural gas flowing into Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline to 20% of capacity on Wednesday, making it harder and more expensive for the bloc to fill up storage ahead of the winter heating season. Moscow has blamed the delayed return of a serviced turbine and sanctions for the supply cuts. via FT Meanwhile: European gas prices jumped as much as 13% after Russia further reduced supplies to the bloc. The Dutch whol...Devamını Oku

28 Tem 2022

⚡️ Lightning Round Rome is planning to complete by the end of June the sale of state-owned ITA Airways, formerly Alitalia, after setting a May 23 deadline for binding offers, the government said. Consulting company Glass Lewis advised Twitter employees to cast votes against the implementation of executive pay at the company, and voiced support for the creation of a position for a director with human rights or civil rights expertise. Philip Morris offered a $1...Devamını Oku

11 May 2022

• Rome is expected to report 2021 economic growth of 6.5% today, a state representative said, signaling a significant improvement from 8.9% contraction in 2020. The country's central bank's forecast 3.8% growth for the current year.

31 Oca 2022

🇮🇹 Two of Italy’s largest trade unions that represent more than 7.5 million workers, staged a one-day general strike spanning multiple cities that include Rome and Milan, to protest against PM Mario Draghi’s €8 billion of planned tax cuts that they say will benefit higher earners — just days ahead of parliament’s approval of a crucial budget law. The proposed tax breaks target workers earning between €15,000 to €55,000 a year and aim to get them a reduction in their ta...Devamını Oku

17 Ara 2021

• Brussels is informally pushing for Italy to set a 50% cap for the number of areas a broadband provider can win in tenders where high-speed services are offered by just a single operator. Innovation Minister Vittorio Colao is discussing the cap with European Union authorities as Rome prepares to deploy almost €7 billion from the EU Recovery Fund to expand ultra-fast connectivity. Alessandro Bianchi | File Photo via Reuters Backstage: Under the EU-funded plan, ...Devamını Oku

26 Kas 2021