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• South Korea's head of the National Police Agency accepted "a heavy responsibility" for failing to prevent a crowd surge that killed more than 150 people during Halloween celebrations in Seoul, saying that the officers did not effectively handle earlier emergency calls about the approaching disaster. via Euronews

02 Kas 2022



Cozy as well as spooky: Mercury

A comic book recommendation from Deniz Braderin for those who want to warm up a little inside on Halloween.

Deniz Braderin


01 Kas 2022



#FanOFF: Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

On Lot 36, the first-ever episode of the Netflix-aired series.

01 Kas 2022

• South Korea is mourning the deaths of 153 people in Seoul, who were trapped and crushed after a huge Halloween party crowd surged into a narrow alley on Saturday night. Witnesses said the crowd surge in the Itaewon area caused “a hell-like” chaos as people fell on each other “like dominoes.” Relatives rushed to hospitals in search of their loved ones on Sunday. via Reuters

31 Eki 2022

🗳️ Explainer: Why is Northern Ireland facing another Stormont election? 🔭 NASA presents: A spooky view of the Pillars of Creation 🎃 Halloween special: The mythical creatures of Europe — Wolpertinger

31 Eki 2022

🏦 Factbox: Credit Suisse's strategic overhaul at a glance 🚗 Opinion: It’s time to admit self-driving cars aren’t going to happen 🎃 Halloween special: The mythical creatures of Europe — The Golem

28 Eki 2022

🏦 Analysis: Decade of central bank largesse haunts taxpayers as losses loom 💾 The big take: The only crypto story you need, by Matt Levine 💀 Halloween special: The mythical creatures of Europe — Baba Yaga

26 Eki 2022

Welcome to the end of the 14th issue of Piccolo , which deals with Children's and Young Adult Literature. 🤖 I know you might be a time traveler, pirate, fairy, magician, or mermaid. So I'm not sure about teleporting you to next week right away. Let's stick with the good old human timing system, shall we? ✏️ Next week: On Sunday, October 30 , we'll be discovering Halloween's affect on the genre. 🛝 You can follow Piccolo 's Instagram account by clicking ...Devamını Oku

25 Eki 2022



Fotoğrafçı Joshua Hoffine röportajı

''Gerçek dünya korkularım var''

31 Tem 2021

Platforma yarın ilginizi çekebilecek iki film ekleniyor. Netflix ’in geçen hafta ilk bölümünü yayınladığı Korku Sokağı Üçlemesi / Fear Street, 2. Kısım: 1978 ile devam ediyor. Yıl 1978, mekân yine Shadyside. Okul yaz tatilinde ve Nightwing Kampı'nda aktiviteler başlamak üzere. Ancak içlerinden biri öldürme dürtüsüyle ele geçiriliyor ve kamptaki eğlence korkunç bir hayatta kalma mücadelesine dönüşüyor. Slasher filmlerinin en parlak örneklerinden 13. Cuma, Hallowee...Devamını Oku

08 Tem 2021