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• The EU and the UK are preparing to enter negotiations starting Jan. 16 aimed at solving the post-Brexit Northern Ireland protocol dispute that has to do with their trading relationship, Bloomberg reported. Bottom line: The dispute stems from London’s request to eliminate customs controls on goods being imported to Northern Ireland from the island state, whereas the bloc views this as a possible threat to the trade union.

13 Oca 2023

Let's take a little journey, even if from a distance, let's take a look at the island streets. I am sharing a drawing from the island, just for the record. This drawing and other drawings are by Ester, cheers Ester!

14 Kas 2022

I'm sharing the drawing of an island Street to take a little trip to Bozcaada. Let's breathe in island air, and sway on its sidewalks, even from a distance.

03 Eki 2022

1- A weekend island escape: Isle of Escape Festival What is it? A two day festival . It brings together music, art, fashion, gastronomy, sunshine, and nature. Where? Noya Beach - Kınalıada, Princes’ Islands When? July 16-17, 12 AM Why should you go? Island Escape is the perfect destination for people frustrated with the mayhem of the city and crave for some isolation and peace of mind with creativity. Duly noted: Don't forget to bring your sun pro...Devamını Oku

10 Tem 2022

• Inflation in the UK is likely to exceed market forecasts , Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said, but urged markets to tighten monetary policy with caution. BoE expects record inflation of 7.25% in April with a push from rising energy prices, and the bank's benchmark interest rate is forecast to quadruple to 2% this year. The flip side: The IMF urged the UK to increase taxes , particularly on higher income and wealthy taxpayers, in order to ease inflation tha...Devamını Oku

24 Şub 2022

• The EU is looking to finalize post-Brexit trade arrangements with Northern Ireland by the end of February, the European Commission vice president said, noting that the district goes to elections in early May. Bottom line: The root of contention between the EU and Britain is that the former wants to eliminate customs controls on goods being imported to Northern Island from the island state, whereas the EU views this as a possible threat to the trade union.

21 Oca 2022