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Emircan Yaman


12 May 2023



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Enflasyon verilerinin birer birer açıklanmasının ardından Batı merkez bankalarının mayıs ayı toplantılarında alacağı kararlara ilişkin beklentiler son halini alıyor.

Emircan Yaman


20 Nis 2023

• The Bank of England lifted interest rates by half a percentage point to a 15-year high of 4% on Thursday, but suggested that rates may have peaked. The Monetary Policy Committee voted seven to two in favor of the 10th consecutive rate increase, which came a day after a quarter-point rise by the US Federal Reserve and just before the ECB carried out its own half-point increase. Brighter ahead: The BoE said it now expects a " much shallower " recession than it feared...Devamını Oku

03 Şub 2023

• Wages in the UK grew by 6.4% in the three months to November compared with the same period in 2021, the Office for National Statistics said on Tuesday. The growth rate is the fastest in more than 20 years but when adjusted for rising prices, wages fell in real terms by 2.6%. The gauge is closely watched by the Bank of England as it determines how much higher to raise interest rates. via BBC The sector divide: The gap between public and private sector pay is...Devamını Oku

18 Oca 2023

• UK consumer spending in December lagged inflation, representing a sizable fall in real-term expenditure, surveys showed on Tuesday, despite contributions from Christmas shopping and the World Cup, strengthening forecasts by most analysts that Britain's economy is now in a recession. Zoom in: Barclays said spending on its credit and debit cards rose 4.4% in December compared with a year ago, a long way behind consumer price inflation which stood at 10.7% in November...Devamını Oku

11 Oca 2023

• Fresh food prices at British supermarkets rose by 15.0% from a year ago in early December, figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) showed on Wednesday, which marked the biggest annual increase since at least 2005 when records started. The BRC said the overall annual rate of shop price inflation reported by its members was 7.3%. Cooling expectations: Public expectations for future inflation fell in December, according to a separate survey from Citi and You...Devamını Oku

05 Oca 2023

• British inflation hit a 41-year high in October, its highest since October 1981, as consumer prices rose 11.1% year-on-year—a big jump from 10.1% in September. The Bank of England ( BOE ) raised interest rates by 50 bps to 3.50% in December—its ninth straight rate hike, and the eighth this year.

26 Ara 2022

• The ECB raised interest rates by 50 basis points on Thursday, marking a slowdown following two consecutive 75-basis-point hikes but keeping further rate hikes firmly on the table. The central bank for the 19-country eurozone raised its deposit rate to 2%, as expected, while officials pledged to shrink their €5 trillion bond portfolio through quantitative tightening, beginning in March. via Bloomberg Britain: The Bank of England raised its key rate in a simi...Devamını Oku

16 Ara 2022

• British consumer spending picked up in early December, in line with usual seasonal trends as people spent more in the run-up to Christmas, despite a surging cost of living, according to interbank payments data based on credit and debit card spending, which the Bank of England provides to the ONS. Furthermore: However, spending was flat compared with a year earlier — reflecting a sharp real-term decline given the high rate of inflation, which hit a 41-year high of 1...Devamını Oku

09 Ara 2022