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trade union ile ilgili hikayeler

• Germany’s air traffic control agency said Wednesday that it is diverting all flights away from the country’s busiest airport, Frankfurt, after a problem with Lufthansa’s computer systems caused major disruption at the German airline. Agency spokesman Robert Ertler said all plane parking spots in Frankfurt were full because passengers and crews are unable to board the airline’s flights. via Reuters Further disruptions expected: The operator of the Frankfurt ...Devamını Oku

16 Şub 2023

• The EU and the UK are preparing to enter negotiations starting Jan. 16 aimed at solving the post-Brexit Northern Ireland protocol dispute that has to do with their trading relationship, Bloomberg reported. Bottom line: The dispute stems from London’s request to eliminate customs controls on goods being imported to Northern Ireland from the island state, whereas the bloc views this as a possible threat to the trade union.

13 Oca 2023

Spektrum is a weekly politics publication focusing on Turkey, city agendas and international policy. On January 24, 1980, the economic reform program prepared by Turgut Özal, then-Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry, and adopted by the Nationalist Front government headed by Süleyman Demirel, was a public announcement of a structural transformation that went down in history as the ‘January 24 Decisions’. Neoliberalism instead of the import-substitution system T...Devamını Oku

04 Ara 2022

• British railway workers are planning a new strike on Oct. 1 after the RMT trade union did not receive further offers from the industry to arrive at a negotiated settlement over pay, job security, and working conditions. Other transport employees, including postal and bus workers, are also planning strikes on Oct. 1 to coincide with the annual conference of Britain's governing Conservative Party.

21 Eyl 2022



A story of 20 years of power and authoritarianism: Neoliberal populism

The AK Party, the implementer of neoliberal policies, is using populism to get the votes of those who have suffered the most from these policies.

17 Haz 2022

• Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey drew criticism from unions and the government for suggesting workers should not ask for big pay rises in the annual wage-bargaining process to help control inflation. Sharon Graham, leader of Britain's largest trade union said working people did not cause the cost of living crisis and should not be asked to pay for it. A step back: PM Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said Bailey’s comments were "not something the PM’s calling for"...Devamını Oku

07 Şub 2022

• The EU is looking to finalize post-Brexit trade arrangements with Northern Ireland by the end of February, the European Commission vice president said, noting that the district goes to elections in early May. Bottom line: The root of contention between the EU and Britain is that the former wants to eliminate customs controls on goods being imported to Northern Island from the island state, whereas the EU views this as a possible threat to the trade union.

21 Oca 2022

• Heineken brewery workers in the Netherlands are planning to go on their first strike in almost 25 years to reach a better labor agreement. The employees are set to start the strike on Friday for a pay rise beyond a 1.5% increase this year and 2% for 2023. via Tenor What they’re saying: Netherland’s trade union FNV said that the wage increase was “far too little” and remains below the level of the country’s inflation.

13 Oca 2022