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• Taiwan activated its defenses —fighter jets, navy and missile systems— in response to Chinese military aircraft and warships that are operating nearby, the self-ruled island’s defense ministry said.

02 Şub 2023

• North Korea's military said their recent missile tests —which likely included nuclear-capable weapons— were simulated strikes on South Korean and US targets like air bases and operation command systems, as Washington and Seoul held "dangerous war drills."

08 Kas 2022

• The EU approved a military training mission for thousands of Ukrainian troops in Europe and a plan to provide around €500 million in extra funds to help buy weapons for the war-torn country. The mission will initially run for two years with a €107 million budget, and non-EU countries will be allowed to take part in the training effort as well.

18 Eki 2022

• Ukrainian forces achieved their biggest step forward in the southern Kherson region, breaking through Russia's defenses and recapturing villages along the banks of the Dnipro River. In a sign Ukraine is building momentum on two fronts, 300 km to the northeast Reuters reported columns of Ukrainian troop vehicles heading to reinforce rail hub Lyman, retaken at the weekend, to press into the Donbas region. via Reuters Why it matters: The advance is targeting...Devamını Oku

04 Eki 2022

• UK's Defense Ministry said that Russia's plan to expand its armed forces is unlikely to have an impact on the Ukraine war, partly due to the ongoing losses. Even though it is unclear if the planned increase would be achieved through recruiting more volunteers or by increasing conscription, the defense ministry said that either increase would not have an impact on the war. A step back: Russia's President Vladimir Putin recently signed a decree to increase the m...Devamını Oku

30 Ağu 2022

• The US will send Ukraine a new $775 million military aid package that includes surveillance drones, mine-resistant vehicles, anti-armor rounds, and howitzer weapons, in a bid to help Ukrainian forces regain territory in the east and south of the country and mount a counteroffensive against Russian invaders. A step back: This latest aid comes as Russia’s war on Ukraine is about to reach the six-month mark and brings the total US military aid to Ukraine to about $10....Devamını Oku

22 Ağu 2022

• Two Russians and a Ukrainian were arrested for alleged espionage at a military plant in southern Albania, the Albanian Defense Ministry said late Saturday. The trio was detained as one was taking photos on the plant’s grounds while the other two waited in a car nearby.

22 Ağu 2022

• Ukrainian forces are outnumbered in the city of Severodonetsk where Russia has focused its offensive, but are holding out and gradually ousting Russian troops from the strategically important city, the country's president Volodymyr Zelenskiy said. Kyiv's military intelligence chief said that the fighting around Severodonetsk now represents the "hottest area of conflict" in the country.

07 Haz 2022

• A Kurdish-born Swedish MP , Amineh Kakabaveh, said that the country would lose its "dignity and values" if it decides to meet the demands of Turkey to extradite Kurdish people wanted by Ankara in exchange for a NATO membership approval. Bottom line: As a member of NATO, Turkey has the power to veto Sweden's membership in the military alliance and has held up plans for its accession.

07 Haz 2022

• Russia has taken control of most of the Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk , although Moscow's forces sustained heavy losses, according to UK military intelligence. The report also adds Russia faces challenges to cross the Donetsk River, with the river line under Ukrainian control and all existing bridges destroyed.

03 Haz 2022